A handheld GPS device lets the golfers know their positioning relative to the ball, and the hole in relation to the others on the green.

The GPS device can also give more information about the course such as the tee, bunkers, greens, water bodies and roughs.

It can also give information about your shots, distances covered, scores earned for purposes of review at the end of the game.

garmin g6 handheld gps touch screen

The following is a review of the popular Garmin G6 handheld GPS device. The Garmin G6 was launched in 2012. The main features of this handheld GPS include:

  • This GPS is preloaded with over 25,000 worldwide courses.
  • No subscriptions or yearly fees required.
  • Internal rechargeable battery (15hours approximately).
  • Slim, rugged, waterproof design.
  • 6″ glove-friendly touch-screen display and adjustable backlight.
  • 85-grams in weight, with physical dimensions measuring 2.1″ x 3.7″ x 0.8″.

The G6 also keeps track of the player’s statistics throughout the game by recording fairways hit, roughs landed on, greens in regulation and putts per round.

These stats are recorded and can be later on reviewed on the device or downloaded onto a computer. This is for purposes of improving one’s performance especially when it comes to repeat courses.

In addition, when playing on a new course, the player can enable a feature that chooses a club for them as well as calculate the distance of play.

The device also allows one to customize the course by adding their own target points. These points can then be seen in the Hole View when in proximity of the hole.

All this is for purposes of providing the player with the best edge when it comes to their golfing experience and performance.

On aesthetics, the G6’s sleek, slim look is accompanied with a full color screen, showing a detailed look of the preloaded courses. It also clearly shows the players statistics, multiple scorecards, and averages on club distances amongst other metrics.

Over and above the sleek and slim look, it is actually quite small and can fit in the palm of one’s hand. In essence it is small, sleek and visually appealing.

Screen sensitivity is also exceptional. When it comes to targeting, entering scores, even navigating the menu, the sensitivity helps this process be fairly fast.

The setup and syncing of the Garmin G6 Handheld GPS is unproblematic. Even when it comes to downloading of course updates, this is quite smooth and fairly easy for novices.

However, when the updates are being done, the option of single courses being updated is not available. All courses must be updated at the same time, which takes approximately 20 minutes.

Upon delivery, the Garmin G6 Handheld GPS box comes with a USB cable, an AC adapter, a manual, and a belt clip.

When it comes to golf courses in its database, the Garmin G6 has mapped out in detail more than 26,000 courses worldwide, with 18,000 of these in the USA and Canada alone.

Hence, in all likelihood, the Garmin G6 has got your swing mapped out regardless of where you’re playing if you are in North America.

Should there be any changes to the courses, they are promptly updated by the manufacturer onto the device awaiting your use.

This prompt updating feature ensures that you are constantly aware of even the slightest changes to a course. This knowledge will give you a definitive edge in strategy formulation as well as competitive advantage.

Furthermore, there are no yearly/subscription fees to be paid making it an affordable purchase that does not incur additional recurrent expenses.

From course details and mapping, to shot tracking, to score and statistics, to battery life, to screen navigation, to set up and syncing, and many other features, the Garmin G6 scores out of 10, a 9.3 overall. This is an ideal device for the average golfer as well as professional on any given day.

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