Golf Ball Position Guide

Your golf ball position when at impact is just as important as your stance, your swing, or club selection. When the ball position is not right, you’ll notice that you’re not getting the distance you desire. Moreover, even if you get the distance you want, you may not get the accuracy you’re after.

For many golfers out there, they don’t think deep enough about the correct ball position. They go on about their session at the course without looking back on what they might be doing wrong.

So, we’ve created this guide if you’re not sure about where you should position your ball when at the tee or at the fairway. In our guide, we’ll include all different club types i.e. drivers, long irons, mid irons, wedges, fairway woods, and so on.

What Does Golf Ball Position Mean?

Before we dive deep into the complicated stuff, let’s find out what we exactly mean by golf ball positions.

With different clubs, your posture changes a little. It’s due to the different shaft lengths on our clubs. So, the ball position will change with the clubs naturally. We’ve seen many players who don’t change their position at all. They place the ball exactly at the same place every time they’re hitting with a driver, a long iron, and even with wedges!

As a rookie player, you may make mistakes. It’s completely natural. But you need to fix these issues by reading our helpful guide. It will help you lower your score as well as make you a better player.

Why is Understanding Golf Ball Position So Important?

It’s needless to say that every golf player out there should know exactly where they should position their balls.

So, why is it so important? Well, to make you a better player!

When players first start out, they get into the habit of placing the ball into a common space for all their shots. It helps them to get acquainted with the strikes as they develop muscle memory. It might be good practice for many rookie players.

But continuing with this habit will impact your entire career as a golf player. It doesn’t matter whether you play for fun or play professionally, the goal is to get your score lower. It adds an odd sense of pride to your game. And you cannot do it if you’re placing your ball in the wrong place every time.

You may have mastered every other portion of your skillset. Your swings may be as graceful as they ever were. Your strikes may be more powerful than ever. You may know exactly how to take the stance. But at the end of the day, you may be getting mishits or not getting the distance you want.

The most likely culprit is the wrong ball position. Another reason is that different clubs are made for different purposes. Some have higher lofts while the others are designed for more distance. So, it’s only normal that the ball position should also change.

We’re almost there to start with the different positions for your ball with different golf clubs. But before that, let us share a very helpful tip that you can incorporate into your stance.

Let Your Arms Hang Freely

At the end of the day, golf players are humans. And no human is alike. So, it’s only obvious that different players will take the stance differently and they would look different doing so. But there is one thing common for types of stances.

Your hand position!

How you let your arms slide beneath your body has everything to do with how your shot will pan out. If you take a closer look at the professional players, you’ll notice their arms move freely and gracefully.

If you compare your movement with theirs, chances are you’ll find a big difference. Because most amateur players try to force their hand position unnaturally.

Ideally, your arms should be freely hanging right below the shoulders. No matter what club you are using, you need to ensure that you don’t force your arms inwards or outwards in any way. The arms should be directly perpendicular to the earth as you grip your club.

So, you may already imagine that when you’re hitting with the driver, the ball will be farthest from you. After you ensure proper posture and arm position, you need to look at the club head. That’s exactly where your ball should if we consider the distance from your body.

So, the drivers will send the ball the farthest. Then the fairway woods and the hybrids. Then the irons. And lastly, the wedges.

So, here is the type of golf ball positions for you.

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Different Golf Ball Positions

If you’re just starting out, we highly recommend investing in a golf training aid. You may use a putting ruler training aid or simply an alignment stick.

The alignment stick will be directly pointing to the target line. And you need to stand right against the ruler at your initial stance.

Driver Golf Ball Position

If you’ve been playing golf for a little while now, you should know that golf drivers have the least amount of loft. It means they will send the ball flying farther than all other clubs. They also have the longest shaft length as well.

Thanks to the design of the club heads, drivers are fairly easy to hit. And they are the most thrilling club for new golfers as they let the players display their strength from the tee.

The club head design also requires you to hit the ball at the lowest point of the arc. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, think of your entire swing as a circle. If you mark out a line from behind the ball to the follow through of your swing, you’ll get an arc.

For drivers, the club face should hit the ball when it’s at its lowest point. It will ensure that you’re utilizing the large sweet spot properly to gain maximum distance with your shot.

Now, take a closer look at the club face. What do you see? You’ll see that the club face is not exactly square to the target. It’s angled a little upward.

So, to hit the ball as straight as possible, you need to push the ball position forward. Ideally, the ball should be right inside of your front foot when you’re using the driver.

The bottom line is, drivers send the balls the farthest in terms of distance. So, you need to put the ball to the farthest point from your body as well. According to golf rules, the farthest allows point for ball position is the inside of your front foot.

Ball Position for Long Irons

Whether you use long irons, hybrids, or fairway woods for this shot, you can apply for the same principle for the ball position. In all cases, the shaft length on your long iron will be less than a driver. It means you need to pull the ball closer to your body to let your arms hang freely under you as we already discussed.

In terms of front-to-back movement, the ball should come closer to your body in this case as well. When comparing to the drivers, the ball should be a little behind. If the ball was 2 inches away from your front foot with a driver, it should be 8-9 inches away in this case.

The main reason you need to do is the loft. As you come down the shaft length, you’re increasing the loft. The more loft you have on your club, the closer the ball should be to you. Also, more loft means you need to hit the ball down rather than trying to hit it up in the air.

Golf Ball Position Guide for Mid Irons

Let’s consider a 7-iron for this one. The shaft length is even shorter on this one. And the club face has even more loft. What does it mean?

It means you need to pull the ball even closer to your body to hit the ball in your desired way. Place the ball 3-4 inches behind the previous position. The reason is that mid irons have a higher loft. So, you need to hit the ball even more downwards. How do you do that? By pulling the ball behind on the swing arc.

Ball Position for Wedges

Last but not the least, we have wedges. When it comes to striking irons, wedges have the smallest shaft lengths and the highest loft. So, the ball will naturally come much closer to your body. And you need to place it right between your feet to hit the ideal shot.

Make sure that you hit on the ball down enough so that it creates the necessary backspin you need. Without enough backspin, the ball won’t cover the distance you want it to.

Things that Matter Along with Golf Ball Positions

So, now you know about the different ball positions for different clubs. But there are a few more things that play a role in getting the ball position dialed in exactly how you want it.

The Target Line

Having a clear understanding of the target line is a crucial skill for golf players of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you can cleverly use the target line to your advantage.

The first one is obvious your stance. You need to stand parallel to the target line. Remember the alignment stick we mentioned near the beginning of the post? You need to use it to point directly at the target line. And then, you need to stand against it to ensure the proper stance angle.

The ball position should also be parallel to the target line. Everything should move in sync. Only then, you’ll hit dead straight shots toward the hole.

Your Flexibility

If your body doesn’t move as you want it to, fixing the ball position won’t bring any good. You need to rotate your upper and lower body in relevance with the swing.

You need to be able to isolate the rotation of your shoulders and your hips to transfer the weight of your body in the proper way.

If you’re having a problem doing so, you should focus more on your fitness and practice some flexibility golf drills. When everything falls into place, you can expect to benefit from our golf ball position guide.

Your Swing

The golf swing is one of the fundamental things in the sport. A swing can dictate whether you’re a good player or a bad player. The swing will determine the ball’s flight path as well as the club face angle at impact.

To perfect your swing, you may want to check out the other guides that we’ve created to help players like you. We include complex information in our guides and we break them down in a way so that you can understand them easily.

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The Tee Height

To hit with your drivers, you can use a tee to lift the ball off the ground. How much you elevate the ball will have an impact on your shot as well. In some cases, it can impact the distance of your shot even more than the ball position!

The ideal tee height is when the center of the ball is directly in line with the top of your club. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting with the driver, the long iron, or the hybrid.

You need to push the tee all the way in the ground until the center of the ball is in the same plane as the highest point on your club head.

Final Words

Most many golfers out there, finding the ideal ball position is quite hard. Even though we’ve listed the best positions based on the club you may use, the ultimate position may change with your height, body weight, and flexibility.

You need to use your guide as the baseline for your ventures so that you can tweak your settings of the golf ball position and lower your score in the long run.

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