How to Chip a Golf Ball

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, you can always take some time to review the fundamentals of golf and work on the basics to improve. Today we take you back to the fundamentals of chipping.

Golfers who become great at chipping a golf ball have one thing in common, great control of distance. This is a skill that takes time to develop as you feel out chips from all sorts of lies, distances, and slopes on the greens.

Chipping uphill and downhill require different power control on the golf ball. Chipping sideways on a green where it will break with the slope also requires speed control.

But before you develop solid distance control and feel with your chipping club, you should learn the fundamentals of chipping.

Check out the video lesson below by PGA Instructor Paul Wilson on how to chip a golf ball.

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Chipping Lesson #1:

Here is Paul Wilson teaching beginners How to Chip a Golf Ball.

Chipping Lesson Recap:

  • Chipping ratios to determine the proper golf club to use
  • Chipping is all about the distance you fly the golf ball vs how far it rolls on the green
  • Pace off yardages to set up this drill and determine your ratios of land vs roll
  • The best way to practice chipping is lots of practice reps

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