Golf Exercises with Bands

Why is exercise and fitness essential in golf?

The answer is simple: because it’s extremely important for your game.  If you haven’t trained your body for what it’s supposed to do, your chances to be on the road to become a promising golfer are pretty dim.

Undeniably, you understand your body more than anyone else but your training coach should also know what’s doable for you and what’s not so you don’t push too far with golf fitness.

What may seem workable could actually be something your body is unable to do and may cause you an injury so before setting any hard-line fitness goals make sure to consult your golf teaching professional and / or fitness coach and keep both of them in the loop to optimize your golf training program.

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What are the main advantages of golf fitness?

Often, golf fitness is an area which unfortunately isn’t given the importance it actually deserves! Various leading professional trainers and coaches all around the world follow different schools of thought when it comes to golf fitness.

But if we narrow it down what remains undeterred is the fact, that exercise has countless benefits whether you’re a golfer or not. Some of the most prominent benefits to you as a golfer are;

  • Eliminating chances of injury
  • Reducing pain and increasing threshold
  • Optimizing the power of your golf swing
  • Maintaining focus, control and authority over your swing
  • Engagement of muscle efficiency
  • Overcoming exhaustion and fatigue
  • Optimizing brain functionality
  • Understanding the geometry of the positions

Okay, now that you know the significance of setting up an exercise plan if you’re a golfer, let’s now learn the importance of a resistance band and why you need one ASAP to incorporate into your exercises.

You might be asking yourself ‘what’s an exercise band?’ or ‘what’s it used for?’

So before we dive into the benefits of this handy little thing let’s first learn what a band is, how it works and why you must incorporate a resistance band into your fitness regime to take your ball game to another level.

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What are exercise resistance bands?

Resistance bands are cords made of elastic rubber which can stretch into 10x the original size. These bands were devised as an alternative to the legendary weight training gear. These bands are like a holy grail for your muscles.

As the name suggest, they provide ‘resistance’ to your muscles with strength and mobility. They come in a variety of resistance levels, color and sizes so you choose the one that suits your needs best.

These bands are cost effective! So think about it, would you rather invest a hefty amount in purchasing weight lifting equipment or just get these handy bands that does the job and gives amazing results?

Using resistance bands is an amazing way to strengthen your muscles, giving you the freedom to execute a full body workout or focus on a targeted area as per your needs.

These compact bands are convenient and user friendly which means anyone can use them anywhere. You can literally even pack one next time you board on your next dream vacation!

The Top 10 Recommended Band Exercises You Need to Start Doing Now!!

While band exercises executed with bands have numerous benefits we’ve shortlisted the top 10 exercises specifically devised for players of the ball game. So what are you waiting for? Scroll below to find out.

#1: The Elbow Fix:

This exercise is targeted to strengthen your chest, elbow joint and hand movement. You will need a medium strength resistance band for this. Tie the band around your right wrist while holding the putter as you normally do.

Make sure the other end of the band is under your left foot. Stand straight, and swing as you would. Turn your chest well to improve mobility and flexibility of the muscles.

Remember to swing through the resistance band using the top and middle area of the body while having your spine straight.

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#2: The Puller:

This is another exercise designed to strengthen core and to release pressure from the upper body area. Again, for this you will need a medium resistance band.

Step on the resistance band using both feet. Knees straight and not bending turn your body slowly in the opposite direction while pulling out the band.

By doing this, you will stabilize the pressure of your swing. Stretch your arms to the back as much as possible

#3: The Anchor:

A heavy or medium resistance band will work for this exercise. You may start practising with a medium one and then slowing build stamina overtime to progress to a heavy band.

Latch the band onto something that could secure the end tightly. Holding the other side tightly with both hands, pull out the band horizontally with as much pressure as possible.

Slightly bend your hips while attempting this exercise and twist your hips. This is the main area you would like to pressurize.

#4: The Anchor Pro:

This is an extended version of the previous exercise targeting the upper body and lower body. Ideally you can use a medium strength band and then progress to a heavy resistance band overtime.

Again once the band is latched onto something secure, apply pressure with both hands to pull the other end out horizontally as much as you can while stretching your hips.

Once you’ve completely ripped out the pull, take your hands straight up to a 90 degree angle and hold on this position for a count of 10. Now bring it down and repeat the 10 second hold.

#5: The Row:

You will need two medium resistance bands for this exercise which will help you in the development of mobility and to retain a steady command over your swing.

Secure tightly one side of both the bands. Holding the other free side in both the hands, start to row the bands inwards.

Make sure to keep your hands straight and elbows out. Your hands should be at a 90 degree angle opposite your ribcage while squeezing out your shoulder blades.

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#6: The Core Hold:

Use one heavy resistance band while doing this exercise. Secure it tightly from one side and hold the other free side in your hands while pulling it out with one hand.

Feet and hips even, arms above the bellybutton this will help in strengthening the sides. Hold on to 30 seconds at each side.

#7: The Shoulder Flip:

This requires a light resistance band. The purpose of this workout is solely focused on warming up the shoulder blades and arm muscles while building power and strength.

Neck relaxed, hold a band in your hands, while opening your arms and stretching a bit of the band take it above your head to the backside and then bring it back inside.

Work in a rhythm of back and forward back and forward.

#8: The Band Squat:

One of the best exercise for an overall muscle toning. You will need a medium resistance band.

While positioning your feet firmly over the band, use your hands to take the band over your arms but below your shoulders width. Feet slightly apart, bend gently to squat as you normally do.

This exercise is best for glutes as well as for joint strengthening.

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#9: Double X:

Using a medium resistance band, step yourself firm over the band. Now twist it once to form the letter ‘x’. While your body is low, push out one foot out at a time.

While maintaining the double x start walk sideways slowing with your feet apart. Take 3-4 steps on the right side and then the same steps on the other side. Make sure to maintain the tension between the feet.

#10: The Sit up:

You will need a chair for this exercise which is excellent for outer hips and glutes. Position yourself on a chair with your back straight and well aligned so you want to make sure your posture is correct.

Using a heavy resistance band, bring your resistance band just above your knees with your knees opened slightly. Taking your knee and foot bring it outward building pressure and toning the inner thigh muscles.

Slowly try doing 12-15 reps on each side.


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