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Hey You, Come Join Our Golf Facebook Group!

Welcome to March! We are approaching warm weather and beautiful golf course scenery once again as the 2017 golf season is getting underway. I hope you are excited like the rest of us at the potential growth and improvement in your golf game this upcoming season. To help you improve, I invite you to join our new golf Facebook group and get involved with this new golf community and brotherhood.

Also, grab my golf skills assessment challenge and see how good your golf skills are in different areas of the game: Driving, Iron Play, Chipping, Putting, etc.

Why Join Our Golf Facebook Group?

Come make friends, share golf stories, funny articles, helpful videos, and much more in our golf Facebook group. With over 28,000+ followers on Instagram and 100,000 readers of our golf blog here on, we’re excited to build a large golf Facebook group community that can be used as an amazing resource for all levels of golfers.

If you’re feeling motivated to make this an awesome golf community and one of the best golf Facebook groups on Facebook, then click this link here and request to be admitted. As admin, I’ll be sure to accept you shortly generic bactrim upon receiving your request to join the group.

In addition to the new golf Facebook group, we also have other resources I want you to be aware of. Here they are as follows:

When you join our golf Facebook group, be sure to share a little information about yourself as an introduction to all the members in the group. Feel free to share things like where you are from, how long you’ve been playing golf, what your average score or handicap is, parts of your golf game that need work, your strengths, etc.

The more value you contribute to the Golf Facebook Group, the better it will be! We’d love for everyone to help grow and build it into one of the top Facebook groups for golfers.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope to see you in the group soon! (:

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Golf Practice Routines to Score Lower

Here are several golf practice plans we offer with lots of worksheets and bonuses that come with your program. Click the links to learn more about each training plan.

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