6 Golf Fashion Trends to Follow

In this guide, I’ll share 6 golf fashion trends for you to follow.

They say looking good on a golf course can also make you feel good. And what happens when we feel good? We play better golf. So yes, worrying about the latest golf fashion trends and dressing for style on a golf course does have importance. Tell that to the friend who heckles you for worrying about buying trendy golf shirts and golf shorts.

#1: Prints on Golf Shirts, Shorts, Clothes Are Back

This year you’ll notice more golf shirts with micro prints on them of exotic things like pineapples, birds, shapes, as well as more traditional prints like dots.

Prints are a step out from the usual plane (nothing on it) or striped (lines) you’d find on golf clothes you’re used to seeing.

peter millar golf shirt prints (1)

#2: Golf Shoes Are More Fashionable

Gone are the days where a golf shoe looks like a golf shoe. This golf season, you can find golf shoes that look almost like normal fashionable shoes you’d wear to dinner.

Take ECCO for example as they make some of the most fashionable, trendy golf shoes on the market. Here is an example of a golf shoe that looks like a normal shoe almost…

ecco golf shoe fashion

#3: Cross Overs

Golf brands, like Adidas, are introducing cross over fashion which combines golf with normal street wear so you don’t have to change once you leave the golf course. We talked about this a little above with spike-less golf shoes as the example.

But brands are also getting more fashionable with t-shirts, pullovers, hoodies, pull-on shorts, and joggers.

The Adidas Adicross Collection is one example of a more modern, hip, stylish brand of golf apparel that also gives the street wear vibe.


#4: Blues, Grays, Blacks

Color is another trend you’ll notice with golf fashion. Blue’s are making a comeback with Ping Apparel’s Modernist Blue Collection and Greyson’s Nordic-inspired hues.

It’s also common to see most golf apparel items offered in gray or black which work well for going out to dinner events and other outings where dress needs to be a little more casual and fancy.

These more mellow, chilled colors can work as crossover clothes, discussed above, so you can also wear your golf apparel outside the golf course without giving off the vibe that you just went golfing.

The blues, grays, and blacks work well when you combine different hues together, like with blue for example. We’d recommend checking out Pings Modernist Blue Collection.

#5: Braided Belts

Belts have always been a part of golf fashion in modern history and this year belts are switching up to a braided style look in both women’s and men’s golf fashion.

Here is an example of a braided golf belt that is becoming popular in golf fashion. It’s created by Adidas which, in our opinion has the leg up in fashion at the moment as Adidas continues to put out cool, hip, modern looking pieces of apparel for all ages (kids included) and genders.

golf fashion belt

#6: Golf Dresses

On the women’s side of golf fashion, you’ll notice more female players sporting golf dresses on the course.

Dresses work well because they’re light weight, keep you cool, and can protect you from the sun. Golf dresses offer a length that is appropriate for the golf course.

Nike offers a stylish “short sleeve golf dress” that is fun and keeps you cool.

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