Best Golf Mental Game Tip – Detach Yourself from Emotion Psychologically

Do you ever fall apart late in your golf round?

Or perhaps you miss close putts inside of 5 feet that you know you should have made?

Golf is a difficult game physically, emotionally, and mentally. Mastering the golf mental game is going to be key if you want to succeed and score lower for 18 holes.

We dedicated many hours to writing a golf mental game eBook (click here) sharing our best mental psychology tips so you can understand how the mind works and master it on the golf course.

To be stronger mentally on the golf course, you need to detach yourself from the result. Detach yourself from the result. Say it in your head “I must detach myself from the result.”

Great, so what does that mean you may be asking?

Detaching yourself from the result means what actually happens each shot or hole does not define you. You may catch yourself saying to yourself some of the following phrases:

  • I suck at golf
  • I’m probably going to slice it
  • I’m probably going to hook it
  • I don’t want to hit it in the water but I probably will
  • I hate golf

Or you may have some variation of phrase(s) you say to yourself that are negative.

To detach yourself from the result, you need to think before hand what the best outcome possible is and what the worst possible outcome is.


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Golf Mental Pressure Example Scenario:

If your standing over a 6 foot putt, you would visualize yourself making it for the best possible outcome and you would visualize yourself missing it and the putt going 6 feet or more past the hole on the other side leaving yourself a hard putt coming back.

Now that you’ve thought of the best and worst case scenario you’ve lessened your emotion if either occurs because you already expected it.

You’re not going to get all bent out of shape if you push the putt past the hole 8 feet. Tell yourself you do not care what the outcome is. The outcome doesn’t define your golf round nor does it define you.

It’s just one shot and what happens is not a big deal.

Detach yourself emotionally from the result. If you let the emotion of the moment consume you, you’ll struggle to perform clearly and confidently.

Some of my best days are when I go out and play a practice round not caring how well I do. I’m just out there to play and don’t care emotionally about the score.

This is detaching from the emotion of the game and helps me focus and play better. When you don’t care how well you hit it and you already expect the worst and the best to happen, the game is easier.

Golf is a very emotional sport and emotions (fear) is tied into your score more than you realize. It’s hard at first to learn to detach yourself emotionally but eventually once you master it, you’ll see success.

Golf Mental Game Tip

One example I can share in my case was once I broke 80. I’m like you in that we both place a high emphasis on breaking 80 and want it so bad to happen. When it doesn’t we’re disappointed and may catch ourselves feeling negative emotions.

Once it finally happens we’re on a high of happiness and positive emotion. When I finally broke 80, it honestly wasn’t a huge deal to me anymore. I was happy but at the same time I had been so close so many times and knew I had better in me that it seemed no big deal to finally happen.

I had detached myself from the emotions of breaking 80 and this is why it happened and I broke 80.

Future rounds from then on were not as fun unless I was shooting lower scores closer to par. No longer did a 78 or 79 seem fun and great to me. This is how I knew I had set my sights on bigger things and had moved on from the small perspective we carry in life that gets us all wrapped up in emotion.

So next time you’re worried about a 6 foot putt or a tee shot to a tight fairway with trees and out of bounds on each side, remember you are thinking too small. Look at the bigger picture in life. This is just one shot or one round of golf.

It doesn’t define you or your success and someday you will be shooting new record low scores so what happens now does not matter. Detach yourself from the results and the emotion of such results.

Overall, you’ll go on to shoot awesome scores someday and you’ll look back and realize the little things you worried about didn’t matter in the long run. Find your way of detaching yourself and not caring about the outcomes. Keep your emotions in check and never get too high or too low.

Our next golf mental tip will deal with creating a positive mindset and happy place you can turn to. We will work on creating a happy trigger you can access in times of need.

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