Golf Pitching Tips, Drills, and Techniques for Beginners

We all know that short game is important if we want to succeed at golf, but not many players focus on their pitching enough! Golf pitching is an acquired skill that takes a lot of practice to improve at but is one of the most critical skills if you want to score well!


Below you will find golf pitching tips, golf pitching drills, and golf pitching techniques that you can use to improve your short game.

I’ve also linked to a training plan that hundreds of our readers have used to successfully building their pitching skills and lower their golf scores. See it at the end of the article.

And here are 10 awesome short game drills to download before you dive into today’s golf pitching tips article.

Pitching Tips for Golfers

The Golf Pitch Shot Set-Up

Any beginners guide to pitching should start at the very beginning – the address.

Your stance should be slightly narrower than for a full shot, with more weight on the front foot. This discourages too much weight transfer and creates a slightly more descending blow, with a steeper angle of attack, to put a little more spin on the ball.

Because you’re not making such a big swing, you’re not going to have time to clear the left side out of the way.

To help you get through the shot you need to open up the stance. For half shots, pull the front foot back an inch, and for shorter pitches, take it back by two inches

Proper Grip Control for Pitching

Lacking control over your pitches? Try gripping further down the golf club.

Gripping further down the handle takes some width out of the swing, so you can’t create as much speed, but can gain more control.

Holding the club halfway down the grip might be ideal for a 60 to 80-yard pitch, while you might be almost down to the shaft for those 35 to 50-yarders.

You won’t get as much weight transfer or shoulder turn, either, so swing speed becomes the key to hitting it the right distance.

The further you grip down, the more weight you should place on the front foot – around 60 to 75 per cent, depending on length of shot.

Quitting on Your Pitch Shot

Many golfers quit on their pitch shots. In other words, you make a big back swing but follow it up with too short of a follow through.

In reality, your follow through should be longer than your back swing.

Watch Rory McIlroy make a pitch shot in this video as an example of the proper golf pitching technique.

Rory McIlory pitches with good rhythm and aggression. This is a great image to have in your mind.

If quitting is the biggest problem, then moving too much weight and not keeping still are next.

With pitching, people move the body too much and don’t swing their arms enough. This creates inconsistencies of strike that are actually relatively easy to rectify.

You want your body to rotate but not sway.

Pitching Distance Control Tips

Before I share a simple and effective golf pitching drill, we must first talk about distances on the golf course and what is considered a pitch shot vs a chip shot. Important concept, right?

In my opinion, a chip shot becomes a pitch at about 35 yards. Around this distance you have to take a reasonable back swing to generate some power to get the ball traveling 25-30 yards in the air.

For women, a chip shot may become a pitch shot at around 25 yards.

Knowing these distances, you can now practice hitting full shots with your different pitching clubs to learn their distances. Once you know the full distance of each pitching club, you can figure out how far a half shot, and 3 quarter shot goes with those clubs.

Golf is a game of math!

Here is your simple golf pitching drill that will help your ball striking and distance control.


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