Golf Chipping Drills for Beginners

Looking for some chipping drills for beginners or chipping drills designed for new golfers? No worries, I got you covered with today’s chipping practice routine.

I consider this golf chipping drill a basic set up for other chipping drills and variations. It’s basic because it focuses on just 3 general distance ranges: a short, medium, and far chip shot.

Because let’s face it, on any hole you’re going to either have chip shots where the pin is close to you, where the pin is in the center of the green, or where the pin is on the opposite side of the green as you.

Most greens are 20 yards to 30 yards in length or width so the far chip shots can range from 60 feet to 90 feet but I usually start classifying a far chip from 40 feet.

Let’s get to the chipping drill for beginners I’ve outline below with step by step instructions on how to set it up at practice.


Easy Golf Chipping Practice Routine

Complete the following chipping drill every day you visit the course for better results. Don’t rely on it strictly though. Mix in some other chip shots to develop all around skill and not just distance control that this drill focuses on.

1-2-3 Distance Control Chipping Drill for Beginners

  1. 50 chips to a short distance hole (5-15ft away)
  2. 50 chips to a medium distance hole (20-35ft away)
  3. 50 chips to a far hole (40ft or more away from you)

Since each set in this golf chipping practice routine requires 50 reps, I usually break it up into sets of 10 balls. So I’ll chip 10 balls to a short hole and then retrieve them and repeat for 5 more sets.

I also keep track of each set of 10 as far as how many I was able to get within 3 feet out of 10. I like to aim for 9 or 10 on the short hole and then less for the holes further away.

Does this beginner level chipping drill seem too simple? It’s because it is. You show up to the golf practice green and you put in the work! When is the last time you chipped at least 150 times during a chipping practice routine?

If you do this beginner chipping drill every day of the week, you’ll have over 1,000 reps in and surely feeling more control over your chip shots.

Put the time and reps in and the results will start showing. You don’t need a complicated golf drill to get better. Start with this chipping drill for beginners and you’ll be just fine!

Pro Tip: Try to beat your score every day. Count how many chips you get within 3 feet of the hole for each distance (short, medium, and long) and beat it the next time.

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