Golf Putting Routine to Stop 3 Putts

Today’s putting routine will focus on helping you to stop 3 putting on the golf course. It includes some simple putting drills you can implement into your golf practice routine that should cure your 3 putting if you try them a few weeks consistently.

For most golfers, especially beginners, putting is an area you can quickly improve. It’s also an area costing you many strokes in your golf score, hurting the final number you see at the end of your round of play.

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What is a 3 putt?

Exactly as it sounds, 3 putts to get the ball in the hole once on the green. If you putt from the fringe you shouldn’t count that as an official putt but any putts that occur on the actual green should be counted.

What is a good total number of putts per round?

You should aim for 34 putts or less so today let’s cut down on your 3 putts per round and you’ll shave a few strokes off your score and shave a few putts from your total putts statistic.

3 Putting Causes:

1. Not lagging the ball close enough to the hole on the first putt. This leaves a tough second putt ranging from 4ft to 10ft usually.

2. Missing the short easy 2nd putt. Maybe you did lag the ball up within 3 feet of the hole but missed the short second putt.

The following golf practice routine should help cure your three putting. It takes lots of quality repetitions to ingrain muscle memory so do this consistently for a few weeks and months to see significant gains in your putting skills.

Golf Putting Drills & Routine to Stop 3 Putting:

1. Lag putts from 40 feet

  • 5 putts taking your normal set up and practice stroke before each putt
  • 5 putts looking at the hole the entire stroke rather than the ball
  • 5 putts with your eyes closed and using only feel to gauge how close you think you got the ball before opening your eyes
  • 5 putts with only your right hand (one handed lag putt)
  • 5 putts with only your left hand (one handed lag putt)

Repeat this 25 putt sequence from 50 feet, 60 feet, and then 30 feet

2. Short Putts to finish the 2 putt

Now you’ll simulate as if you’ve already lagged the ball to the hole and need to finish your 2 putt from close range. Here are the drills:

  • Make 10 putts in a row from 3 feet
  • Make 5 putts in a row from 5 feet
  • Make 5 putts using right hand only (one handed)
  • Make 5 putts using left hand only (one handed)

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Thanks for checking out today’s quick putting routine to try during your golf practice sessions. Give it a try and you’ll see improvement in your putting. Below I’ll link to additional resources that provide even more value to beginners and golfers struggling to fix their game.

And don’t miss the practice programs linked below at the end! Each is designed for a specific golfer.

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