Golf Bunker Practice Routine

If you’re new to our free practice plan series, we come out with mini practice plans from time to time that give you a sampling of the hard work our 12 week practice plan members are putting in to their golf game and improvement.

This is golf practice routine #10 and if you need to catch up simply visit this page: The Golf Practice Routine Library for all previous free mini practices up to this point!

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Golf Practice Routine #10

Bunker Practice Routine:

  • Find a practice bunker for the following drills. If your course doesn’t have a practice bunker, then try to get some practice in on the course sometime when you are by yourself and no one is behind you.
  • Have 10 balls or so in the bunker so you can do multiple reps without stopping to collect golf balls
  • Be sure to take you time and set up properly before attempting each practice swing from the bunker. Don’t rush!

Today’s Golf Practice Drill List to Knockout:

  • 15 bunker shots to a hole or target in the middle of the green
  • 15 bunker shots to a nearby hole as if you didn’t have a lot of green to work with
  • 15 bunker shots to the opposite side of the green as if you have plenty of green to hit onto between you and the hole
  • 15 reps alternating between two different wedges
  • 40 reps practicing different trajectories, spins, and distances from the bunker

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