How to Stop Missing Short Putts Under Pressure

One of the hardest putts to make in golf is the short putt that sits between 3 feet and 5 feet. It’s a putt you know deep down you should make because the distance is so close to the hole, but yet you also feel the pressure of not wanting to miss such a short putt.

And if you’re like most people, you don’t have a whole lot of time to get to the golf course each week due to work, family commitments, etc. to practice your short putting drills.


Today’s golf practice plan is a simple 200 rep putting practice routine you can do when you get to the golf course that will help you make more putts from 3 feet to 5 feet. Guaranteed!


How to Make Short Putts in Golf

One of the common reasons you are missing putts from short distances is your aim as well as an inconsistent putting stroke.

Golfers with an aim problem think they have aligned the ball and putter to the hole correctly, but in reality if someone stood behind you they’d notice you’re probably aimed off line slightly.

Tough to believe you can screw up your putter aim from only a few feet from the hole but it’s true!

Another reason is an inconsistent putting stroke. You are likely struggling to keep the putter path straight back, straight through which leads to pushed and pulled putts from this short range.

The best fix is to use two golf clubs on the ground to form a path for the putter to stay straight.

If you move the putter outside or inside of your target line instead of straight back along the target line, you’ll notice since the clubs on the ground will give feed back visually.

You also may bump into them since they’re acting as guard rails to guide your putting stroke.

Why 3 Foot to 5 Foot Putts Matter?

This 3 to 5 feet distance is a putting distance you must focus on mastering because you’ll likely face many par attempts in this distance range and can reduce your golf score by several strokes if you’re consistent.

Think of how many birdie putts you leave short or hit too far past the hole and end up with a tough par save? For beginners this probably is a bogey putt or double bogey putt you have to sink from 3 to 5 feet to save your par.

I think you know the importance, now don’t be lazy about improving your skill at making short putts! Here’s some short putt drills to get you started.

Resource: Golf Practice Drills to Stop Missing Short Putts

Golf Putting Drill – Short Putt Volume

Use a tape measure or your 3 foot long pitching wedge club to measure out these putting distances. Find the different breaks around the hole you select to practice from on the putting green.

  1. Make 50 flat putts – 3ft
  2. Make 50 right to left breaking putts – 4ft
  3. Make 50 left to right breaking putts – 4ft
  4. Make 50 flat putts – 5ft

Give that a try and if you need to adjust the routine reps feel free to do so. You can shorten the reps to 25 for a total of 100 made putts or increase it to 100 reps each for a total of 400 made putts to finish the putting practice routine.

Back when I used to really work on putting I would make sure to do at least 500 reps per day on the practice greens.

Not just short putts but also lag putts, downhill putts, and tricky S curve putts with double break in them.

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