Golf Practice Plan: Putting for Dough

How’s it going? Today I’m excited to bring you another golf practice plan that you can go through quickly but with quality and hopefully build up confidence in your self to make putts inside 10 feet.

On our Instagram page, a lot of people have been commenting that putting is their struggle and what’s keeping them from shooting lower scores.

So try out this golf practice routine and be on the look out for more practices we’ll post in the coming weeks. Enjoy.

Golf Practice Plan #6: Putting For Dough:

1. 25 one handed putts with each hand

2. 50 made putts from 3 feet

3. 25 left breaking putts from 6 feet (test different severity of breaks)

4. 25 right breaking putts from 6 feet (test different severity of breaks)

5. 75 made putts from 8 feet (you decide the breaks to practice)

6. 100 lag putts within 3 feet of the hole from 30 feet away

For the last drill, “100 lag putts,” I recommend trying some with your eyes closed. It’s a great way to learn feel and let the feel dictate how close you think the putt will end up to the hole upon opening your eyes.

Resource: Download our skills assessment test

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