Example Fall Golf Season Practice Template

When the fall season arrives, golf doesn’t have to end. In fact, many golf events are just getting started!

For example, college golf and high school girls golf are just getting their seasons started. The PGA Tour begins the FedEx Cup Playoffs which are then followed by the Ryder Cup or President’s Cup depending on the year.

So if you’re not ready for golf season to end yet, here’s a sample golf practice template to use the fall season productively and advance your golf skills!

The area I like to focus on most in the fall golf season is short game. Working on putting drills and chipping technique to master distance control are two areas I focus on hard.

I also practice lots of wedge shots from 50 to 100 yards to improve the longer distance aspect of short game.

Here are some go to drills:

  • 50 straight putts to a tee in the ground 5 feet away
  • 50 chips to a distance marker in the ground
  • 5 wedge shots each from 50 yards, 60 yards, 70 yards, 80 yards, and 90 yards
  • 50 long distance putts to within 3 feet of the hole

50 Straight Putts to a Tee in the Ground 5 feet Away

This first short game drill helps you build your putting control and keeping putts straight on line. A tee is a great object to aim at since it’s smaller in size than the hole.

Find a straight putt (flat ground) and measure 5 feet away. Then hit putts to the tee trying to knock the ball into the tee. Keep focus on pace and speed also.

You’ll find that you really focus on the putting stroke and swinging it straight to start the ball straight on its line to the tee (or hole).

50 Chips to a Distance Marker in the Ground

Another great chipping drill to practice during fall golf season is distance control with a wedge.

Start out by picking a landing zone on the green to chip to that will allow the ball the proper roll out distance to the hole so it settles within 3 to 5 feet of the cup.

Then pick a location in the rough (taller grass) that you’ll chip from. Aim at your marker you placed in the ground on the green and try to chip golf balls so that they land on the marker or within a few inches of it.

This will build your distance control and you’ll gain feel in your hands when swinging a wedge.


5 Wedge Shots from 5 Distances 50 to 100 Yards

This golf drill improves your wedge distance control from farther away from the green.

You will find times when you have these awkward distances remaining and you can’t take a full swing with your pitching wedge or 9 iron.

The best way to complete this drill is on a driving range if has different greens that match up well with the recommended distances of 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90 yards.

Another way to complete the drill is drop extra balls during your round of golf at these different distances so over the course of your 9 or 18 hole round, you get extra reps in from each distance.

50 Long Distance Putts

I always end off practice heading back to the putting green to work on distance putting. Controlling the putt and getting it close to the hole when you are far away is crucial to cutting down 3 putts and wasted strokes on the greens.

Mark off putts from 30 to 70 feet away from the hole by using your putter (3 feet) or taking long strides.

Drop 5 to 10 balls at each marker and begin hitting putts towards the hole. You can also set up a ring of ball markers around the hole that are spaced 3 feet from the hole to create a target circle to putt into.

See if you can get 40 out of 50 putts within the 3 foot circle around the hole. This will leave you short putts once you get out on the course during live rounds, and help reduce your scores.

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