Golf Shoe Buying Guide 2023

Golfing involves a lot of walking across the course. You have to walk from one golf shot to another as well as from hole to hole if you’re unfortunate to not have a cart. This makes having a comfortable, supportive golf shoe important in addition to the stability it can bring you during a golf swing.

You need proper traction for stability, and perfect breathability to keep your feet ventilated throughout the day. A good fit to prevent slipping out that can slow you down.

Golf shoes are also becoming quite stylish with focus on the aesthetics that come with an elegant golf outfit.

Finding the right golf shoe is not something to worry about as different golf shoe manufacturers are doing all it takes to ensure golfers get a shoe that fits perfectly. There are many advanced technologies being added into modern day golf shoes that you’ll benefit from too.

Below we will highlight all the things you need to know when picking out the right golf shoe.

Why Playing with the Right Golf Shoe Matters

Every professional and skilled golfer understands and values the importance of the right golf shoe. That is why manufacturers have constantly improved their designs for the past 90 years and are always coming up with new designs to suit the changing trends.

So, why is it so important to play with the right golf shoe? Why not just ordinary sports shoes?


The comfort of a golf shoe is a major concern when buying. You need a shoe that fits well without being too tight or loose. The shoe should not make the feet feel cramped and should not give you a difficult time walking.

When buying your golf shoe, you must consider how the specific manufacturer makes their shoes. Are they a wide fit or narrow fit? Will they run small or wide after a while? Different parts of the golf shoe have different comfort factors.

The Midsole

The material and the technology used to make the midsole part of the shoe dictate its level of comfort. One of the most common is the polyurethane, which mostly forms the midsole part of the golf shoe. This is a robust but flexible material.

It’s also common to find the polymer-ethylene-vinyl, which is mostly known as the EVA. Golfers are mostly going for shoes with EVA midsole, which are associated with being lightweight, perfectly cushioned, and provide the necessary bounce.

The Uppers

The uppers of the golf shoe uses the latest technology in material to produce the uppers that flex as required and provide the necessary stability for a perfect swing.

Leather remains the most common material used in these shoes. Modern leather for making golf shoes also utilizes the latest technology, such as tumbling, that ensures softness and elasticity.

The upper parts also feature lightweight materials that are crafted to form thin, mesh uppers that provide enough breathability and waterproof features necessary in a perfect shoe.


The outsole of your golf shoe should also put comfort as the first feature, and the manufacturers don’t disappoint in this either.

Recent golf shoes feature advanced polymers as the main material for the special compartments of the upper. The compartments must ensure the structure and flexibility of the shoe even outside the course.

Stability during the swing

Swinging the golf club is not easy, especially for amateurs. Things can become even worse if the poor swinging capabilities are not supported by a stable shoe. While most golfers think that golfing mostly involves handwork, there is a lot of pressure that goes to the feet as well.

When you get into a backswing position, the back of your foot stores a lot of energy, which is then released in the kinetic form to the front foot when you finish the swing.

The swing produces too much kinetic energy that can cause an imbalance. Without support from a good shoe, this energy can cause a fall.

A well-designed golf shoe will provide much-needed stability when walking or swinging in the golf course no matter the condition. A stable golf shoe should have good traction and hold the golfer’s weight without trouble.


Playing golf sometimes involves going to the course very early in the morning when the grass is still wet with dew.  Sometimes you have to play after the rains.

Waterproofing capabilities of your golf shoe is paramount. You can’t imagine the discomfort of playing with wet feet. This will no doubt affect your stability, which then transfers to your swing.

A good shoe should keep your dry on wet grand without it feeling soggy. Thanks to the improvement in shoemaking technology, manufacturers now consider this one of the important factors when making their golf shoes.

Nowadays, even the porous leather that soaks up easily is made waterproof thanks to the spray-on chemicals. Some shoes are made with a microfiber mesh, which ensures maximum waterproof.

While the waterproofing feature of a golf shoe is a good thing, it can also come with some drawbacks. A perfectly waterproof golf shoe can sacrifice airflow, which means your feet will get clamped with sweat.

Lack of breathability on a hot day will still make your feet wet even if the ground is perfectly dry. This means you should not look for waterproof feature of a golf shoe and forget about its breathability. A good shoe should ensure both.


Limitless breathability is equally essential in achieving optimal results when golfing. Imagine playing in a stiff shoe that exposes your legs to terrible heat. The chances are that you won’t hold on for long, and the discomfort will immediately weigh you down and cause fatigue.

Thanks to the improved technology and several features that come with modern golf shoes, this is no longer the situation of golfers. Many manufacturers have invested the necessary resources in materials that ensure the breathability of the feet.

Components such as polyurethane and charcoal facilitate the maximum absorption of humidity. It is a great way to relax the feet by keeping them cool or warm, depending on the climate.

Maximum breathability is not just about comfort but your health as well. Enough air circulation is enough to keep your feet well-ventilated, keeping away fungus that can cause bad odor.

Types of Golf Shoes

Spiked Golf Shoes

Also known as cleated golf shoes, these types work best for wet courses. They guarantee maximum traction, water-resistance, sturdiness, and aeration. Their durability is second to none.

The good thing about spiked shoes is that they meet almost all golfers’ tastes and preferences. That is, lightweight, all-weather conditions adaptability, soft and metal spikes, style and color variations, etc. Don’t worry about your foot size; there is a fitting for small, large, and extra-large feet.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

The need to get off the greens and drive home without having to change your shoes inspired the creation of spikeless shoes. The fact that they have no spikes makes them lighter and more casual. Sturdily hardened dimples or rubber studs make up the soles instead of the spikes.

Golfers that value comfort or suffer from foot pains prefer spikeless shoes. The only drawback about this type is that they don’t give maximum stability on the course, especially on damp surfaces. That may be a deal-breaker to some, but how about their superb durability and resourcefulness?

Golf Sandals

Are you looking for golf shoes for the summer? These open and toeless golf sandals are the ideal type for you. They are incredibly breathable, thus providing the much-needed cooling effect during hot climates. Golf sandals are pocket-friendly and super comfortable.

However, the sandals are not suited for wet conditions. Unlike other footwear, their support and water-resistance in such circumstances aren’t the best. Furthermore, they aren’t intended for long walks because the fasteners can cause foot blisters.

Golf Boots

Golf boots are the exact opposite of the golf sandals, i.e., they’re great for winter. Muddy or damp courses may prove challenging to navigate with the other types of golf footwear. You need something that won’t compromise your stability on the course.

Other than being extremely waterproof, the boots provide warmth and superior traction to tackle the wet surfaces. When you wear these boots, your ankles get unlimited flexibility, allowing you to take superb swings.

Unlike golf sandals, golf boots are quite expensive, but this is justifiable following the high-quality materials used to keep the shoes entirely waterproof.

Golf shoe materials

The materials used to make golf shoes continue to improve every year. Those that made the best shoes a couple of years ago are no longer in the market as manufacturers do everything they can to come up with the best. Here are some of the materials making the modern golf shoe.


Leather is still a dominant material when it comes to making golf shoes. This material has been used for different types of golf shoes for decades thanks to their tight fit and stretch-free nature.

There is a lot of technology employed in making these materials suitable for a perfect golf shoe. Leather is highly breathable and waterproof as well.


Synthetic is a cheaper, lighter, and thinner material than leather. Synthetic come in a non-porous material mostly used for the outer shell of the shoe. The only drawback of synthetic material is that they are less breathable and can clamp the feet if worn for long.

Waterproof Material

Apart from synthetic and leather, golf shoe materials also comprise a water-resistant and thick outer lining suitable for playing during winter. The material was mostly Goretex due to their breathability at first, but nowadays, there are different lining materials with better waterproofing abilities.

Golf spikes options/ Spikeless

Golf spikes are interchangeable, and you can always change the fitting. However, different manufacturers offer unique fitting systems, so it’s not a one size fit all. Here are different spike options that come with golf shoes.

Plastic Spikes

Plastic spikes are popular in golf shoes. The plastic spikes re popular because they don’t add weight to the shoe and don’t tear up the green thanks to their softness. They are engineered in a way that, despite being soft, they still ensure great amounts of traction.

Metal Spikes

Metal spikes are long and sharp and offer more traction. Their strength and sharpness have since become a drawback because they tend to tear the ground. This disadvantage has since seen these spikes getting replaced with plastic ones that don’t leave annoying marks on the course.


Spikeless shoes don’t have replaceable cleats or any type of spikes. Instead, the shows come with ridges, bumps, nubs, and mounds, which provide maximum traction. The bottom sole is designed in a way that ensures maximum gripping power for a perfect swing.

Lacing Systems

The lacing systems of golf shoes also change with the changing technology. While most shoes still use the traditional lacing system, Velcro fastening is becoming more popular because they offer easy fitting.

Another lacing system that is gaining popularity is the mechanical fitting BOA. These provide a dial at the back of the shoe to ensure secure fitting. This lacing system operates the same as the ski-boots.

Mechanical lacing systems provide a golfer with more consistent stability enabling them to play without worrying about their shoes loosening. The players, however, have to part with a hefty price for such mechanics.

The Top 10 Golf Shoes Of 2020

1. Under Armour Spieth 4 GTX

Spieth 4 GTX shoe is the most scientifically driven golf shoe ever made by Under Armour. This replacement of Spieth 3 comes with the best-supported base a golfer can ever find. The support is enhanced further by its durable, lightweight TPU outsole that also features incredible carbon insert.

2. ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe

This second-generation ECCO Men’s Biom has grown to become the bestselling shoe of 2020. The shoe is lighter than its predecessor thanks to the dual-density TPU, as well as an extra-thin midsole.  The shoe also boasts of unparalleled support and comfort.

Learn more about the Ecco Golf Shoe on Amazon

3. Adidas Golf Tour360 XT Twin BOA

The BOA system that is the main feature of this wonderful shoe from Adidas enhances its durability as well As ensures perfect waterproofing capabilities. The TPU outsole enhances comfort while the eight spike execution as well, and X-Traxion ensures perfect stability and grip.

Adidad Golf 360 XT Spikeless Golf Shoe Price on Amazon

4. Nike Golf Air Max 1G

The Air Max 1 G from Nike gives golfers both stability and comfort they desire thanks to their Air Max unit and lightweight Phylon midsole. This is a pretty simple shoe that any golfer can use to walk all the 18 holes without feeling any discomfort.

Learn pricing for the Air Max G on Amazon


Don’t forget to buy this incredible shoe if you’re planning perfect summer golf this year. This is because PUMA Golf Ignite NXT Solelace ensures perfect breathability, comfort, stability, and all the features necessary features meant for summer golf.

Learn more about this golf shoe on Amazon

6. Adidas Men’s Tech Response

Tech response has been the most successful concept from Adidas, and it’s forth iteration won’t lie. The shoe comes with up to six plastic spikes that ensure complete stability and maximum support. The cluodfoam EVA sock liner gives it perfect cushioning for the much needed cushioning.

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoe Reviews & Price

7. Nike Men’s Roshe G Golf Shoes

Nike Men’s Roshe G Golf Shoe is indeed a stylish shoe that ensures you look elegant in the golf course, thanks to its sleek design. Aesthetics aside, this wonderful golf shoe also ensures the comfort every golfer desires. Roshe G ensures maximum traction thanks to its small spikes and desirable breathability provided by the mesh upper.

Learn about this golf shoe on Amazon

8. Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe

Sketcher is the shoe that gets you into action right from the box as you don’t need a break-in period to experience the comfort. They are also one of the most attractive shoes you can stumble in when shopping for the best golf shoes of 2020.

Check out the Go Golf Elite 3 specs and features 

9. FootJoy Women’s Casual Collection Spikeless Golf Shoes

Women are not left behind as far as the mechanics of a good golf shoe is concerned. The shoe comes with a classic design that will definitely appeal to women golfers. The shoes are spikeless, ensuring maximum traction without compromising the much-needed comfort and durability.

Sport these leisure women golf shoes from FootJoy

10. G/FORE MG4.1 Snow – AW19

This is one of the best golf shoes that allow you to stand out on the course with style and elegance without compromising its performance and stability.

It features a saw-tooth traction pattern that ensures you’re stable on all types of courses. It has a triple density cushioned footbed and one-piece knit upper all ensure comfort.

Learn more about this golf shoe on Amazon


The choice of the perfect golfing shoes boils down to a personal taste and preference. If you still find it challenging to decide on your most preferred golf shoe, then think about features such as cushioning, traction, waterproof, breathability, etc. A good shoe should revolve around good airflow, resistance to slipping, sturdiness, versatility, and comfort.

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