How to Spin the Golf Ball Back Like the Tour Pros

I’ve got a question for you. Can you spin the golf ball back on your approach shots to the green? I know you’ve seen the professional golfers on tour do it and thought to yourself how cool it would be to be able to do it.

Spinning back golf shots is very challenging to do and requires the right conditions. You also have to know the right time to use it, otherwise you may just be damaging your score or making the game harder on yourself if you try to use it at the wrong time when conditions aren’t right for it.


How to Put Spin on a Golf Ball – Video Lesson

Today I’ve got a short video lesson for you to watch that will hopefully shed some light on the technique. It’s not something that can easily be taught over the internet.

It’s more trial and error on your own once you learn the basic principles of the shot.

I spent countless days trying to master the spin shot and had my local PGA certified pro at the golf course monitoring my progress and offering improvement tips.

Video #1: Mark Crossfield, PGA Pro

Mark Crossfield is a well known golf instructor with a decent YouTube following. I enjoy checking out his golf videos on YouTube from time to time to learn a few new things from him.

Once you’ve learned this skill and can consistently spin back golf shots, you’ll be a more dimensional player with a larger arsenal of shots to pull from in certain situations.

You’ll also be able to impress your friends throwing the ball 10 feet by the hole and winding it back to within a few feet. Take a moment and visualize it happening. Pretty fun huh?

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