Golf Specific Exercises to Increase Flexibility

Every day, during golf season and during off-season, golfers should stretch and perform golf specific exercises to improve flexibility.

Flexibility is super important in golf as it helps you make a full turn during your golf swing, take stress and strain off your back, and can help you bend over to pick up your golf balls, even with older age.

Today we will outline a simple golf stretching routine to help you improve flexibility. Perform these golf specific exercises slowly and under control with caution to avoid muscle strains.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for injury. We are not doctors. These golf exercises are for fun to work on your golf game indoors at home as well as at the course to warm up before a round of golf.

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Stretching routine

As a golfer, you need to do several stretching routines before and after your round of golf. Stretching ensures you maintain general body flexibility, increase power and prevent injuries.

It will also make sure you get a more consistent swing.

Every stretch is done at different times.

There are golf specific stretching exercises done as warm up, just before the round of golf, and those golf exercises those done after the round of play. You also have golf exercises and stretches to do when you are away from the golf course like at home.

For instance, you cannot lift heavy weights when you are going to play as this will make your muscles weak and tired.

The following stretches are some golf specific exercises you can practice and increase your flexibility. We share even more in our Golf Fitness Training Plan, including an 8 week suggested workout plan to follow.

Straight leg hang with Flat Back

This is a simple stretch that you can do while standing straight. To perform this is exercise; you need to stand with your two feet apart at a shoulder width length or closer. Ensure your back is flat and bend towards the ground.

Go as far as possible and hold for 30-60 seconds. Release and repeat the process twice.

This stretch is important as it strengthens the muscles along the front of your thigh. This golf specific exercise also increases motion through hamstrings.

This will allow your hips to tilt forward giving you a proper stance required for a proper swing. It also helps strengthen your legs for a good stance and a more powerful swing.

Torso Twist

To carry out this golf specific exercise, you need to stand straight facing away from the wall and turn to the left. Place your right hand on the wall and push your torso around.

Hold the stretch for 30-60 seconds. Turn to the right and repeat the same stretch.

This is the best exercise if you want to improve your golf turn. It will increase the motion around your torso allowing more rotation for a better golf swing.

With this exercise, you only need to twist your torso while the rest of the body remains unmoved. A flexible body is very important for every golfer who wants balance and stable stance.

Shoulder Stretch against Wall

Another great golf exercise is the shoulder stretch using a wall for assistance.

Raise your hands to the eye level and place on the wall, bend over at the hips. Push your head and chest down towards the base of the wall.

Hold each stretch for 30 seconds with your feet each time and repeat the process twice.

The upper part of your body, especially the shoulder, does most of the work when you play golf. Shoulder stretch is very important for golfers to stretch out their shoulders and control the shoulder joint motion.

Your shoulder is a very important part when controlling your swing movement. If they are not flexible enough, you might not be able to pull out the best swing.

With the increased range of shoulder motion; there will be fewer restrictions through the swinging motion; hence you’ll get the best swing.

Next let’s show you a golf specific exercise for the chest!

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Chest Stretch against Wall

Just like the last stretching exercise, this golf specific exercise also uses a wall to help you stretch and loosen those muscles used in the golf swing.

To do this golf exercise, you need to stand perpendicular to the wall, place your hands close to the wall at your shoulder height.

Turn your chest away from the wall using small steps until you feel the stretch in your arms and chest. Maintain the stretch for about 30 to 60 seconds and repeat the process twice.

This golf specific exercise is essential for golfers who want to increase the range of motion necessary for a good golf swing.

Chest movement and control is very important for golfers.

If your chest is not flexible, it might get on the way of pulling out a perfect swing. So, like any other part of the body, you need a chest stretch exercise for flexibility.

Calf stretch against the wall

Place the toe of one foot on the wall, with the other foot, push the heel into the ground slightly behind. Push yourself against the wall until you feel a calf stretch.

Hold for 30 seconds and switch to the other leg. Repeat the process twice switching your legs every time.

This exercise is important for golfers as it gives more range of motion through the ankle. This will increase your balance as well as the stance of your golf swing.

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Kneeling Hip Stretch

In this golf exercise, you need to kneel down on a mat, push your hips forward and drop down towards the mat. Do this until you feel a stretch on the front of your leg with your knees still on the mat.

Hold the stretch for about 30 to 60 seconds and repeat twice on each leg. Kneeling hip stretch is important in giving you more flexibility in front of the hip.

With this, you are going to get a more complete follow with every swing you pull out.

Three-way seated toe touch

Three-way seated back toe touch with your back stretched is another great golf specific exercise. This golf exercise is done in three different positions.

First position:  Sit on a mat with your hips facing forward. Extend your left leg to the outside of the hip on the left side. With your left hand, reach down towards your foot. Ensure you keep your chest at a perpendicular level to the ground.

Second position:  With your hips facing forward, extend your left leg in front of your hip joint. With both hands, reach towards the left foot while you round back and stuck your head into the chest.

Third position: In the same position as the first, extend your left leg on your right hips outside line. Bend your right knees to an angle of 90 degrees and cross it over to the extended leg. Use your right hand to reach to the floor with both feet. As you do this, pull your chin towards your chest rounding your back to create a stretch on your hamstrings and lower back.

Do all the three positions twice and hold the stretch at a minimum of 30 seconds each.

This golf stretch improves the flexibility of your torso, hamstrings and lower back.

Stretching these parts increases their flexibility which enhances your performance as well as prevents injury. The flexibility also increases your swing range.

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