How To Break 100 In Golf

For any beginner in golf, it is a dream to break 100. Some first-time players put undue pressure on themselves to break 100 due to which they end up damaging their game instead of improving.

To achieve your target of breaking 100, you can start by examining your current level and setting realistic achievable targets. Here you will find the tips to break 100 along with practice tips and drills to help you break 100.

5 Best Tips To Break 100

Tip 1: Practice Chipping Low

You should practice chip shots on the green while keeping the ball as close to the ground as possible. It is completely fine if you end up removing some of the grass while playing low chip shots.

You need to master the art of chipping low because if you hit the ball a little too hard, it might end up far away from the flag. You must practice landing the ball on the grass close to you by doing so you will get a consistent bounce.

Practicing this regularly will help you reduce the number of shots and moving one step closer to breaking 100.

Tip 2: Plan Your Finish

Striking the ball well is crucial for creating consistency while playing golf. If you are off by a few centimeters the ball can go all over the place and this only adds more pressure on you when you play the short game shots.

You should keep your focus on the finishing position. By doing so you can increase your chances of hitting the ball accurately. This will further help you in getting more consistent with your shot accuracy and control over distance.

Tip 3: Don’t add up your score Till You Finish

If you keep on adding your score while playing and keep on calculating recalculating the score you need to break 100. You should stop doing it immediately as doing so will add undue pressure on your mind and damage your game.

Instead, stay in the present by focusing on one shot at a time. Having a plan for your finish is one thing and spending your energy unnecessarily on score calculation is other. From now on, make the habit to make only hole totals and work on your total score at the end.

Tip 4: Get Ball In The Air

Another tip to help you break 100 is not trying to get your ball in the air, the golf clubs are designed to do exactly that. Mostly the amateur golfers have a habit of working to get the ball in high up in the air but end up with the ball landing not far away.

Instead of hitting the ball high, you must focus on hitting the ball low and for a longer distance. You should focus on hitting longer than higher if you want to break 100 in the golf.

Tip 5: Using The Right Equipment

You need to use the right equipment while playing golf. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment to better your game but you just need the right equipment. You should do research and find out the right equipment that exactly suits your game.

Top 3 Golf Practice Tips To Break 100

Tip 1: Practice With Purpose

You should practice with the purpose clear in your head by having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve in this practice session. You shouldn’t spend time just hitting the balls here and there without purpose.

You must make each shot count by having a clear purpose and target each time you hit the ball. Also, you should take the feedback and make improvements where needed.

Tip 2: Identify Your Golf Swing Faults

Having a correct golf swing is the most crucial part when it comes to lowering your score. You should extensively work on identifying the faults in your swings. Then developing a practice routine to deliberately work on it to improve it for better accuracy.

Tip 3: Work On Your Weaknesses

Practice the shot that you feel is your weakest part or shots that you feel you could have played better. The practice session is the time when you work on such shots. Try hitting all kinds of shots and teach yourself the new shots that could be suitable in different conditions.

Golf Practice Routine To Break 100

Practice is the key to success at any game. When it comes to golf you need to make sure your posture is correct while hitting the ball. You should waste time aimlessly hitting the ball here and there.

A golf practice routine should be developed after considering your weaknesses and strengths. The main things that need to be worked on can be divided as follows.

  1. Working on the basic things related to golf. You can start by making sure your grip of the club is proper. Secondly, your alignment and last but not least your posture when you are trying to hit the ball. These basic things can help you significantly lower your score.
  2. Learning to have control over your ball with longer clubs is the next thing you should focus on while practising. By developing better control over the ball you would be able to hit the ball with more accuracy.
  3. Lastly, practice putting and chipping techniques. Perfecting putting and chipping will take time and the only trick to perfect them is to practice them regularly. You have to actually force yourself to practice these and perfect them.

5 Highly Effective Golf Practice Drills To Break 100

Golf Practice Drill 1: Using The Same Club To Hit Different Distances.

This is one of the best drills to improve your accuracy. You have to use one club and try hitting different distances.

Let’s say, you rake a 5-iron club and first hit a 200 and reducing it to 175 then 150, 125 so on. This practice drill will help you in developing better control over the ball and drastically improve your accuracy in the game.

Golf Practice Drill 2: Impact Location Drill

When playing golf you need to strike the ball on the face of the club for an accurate shot. This is the problem that many golf players face and they don’t even have an idea that where is the ball striking on the club.

So, to better understand where you are striking the ball you need to do this drill. For this drill, all you need is a dry eraser pen.

You, now, need to mark the back of your ball with the dry eraser pen and then hit the ball with the club. The ball will leave a mark on your club revealing exactly where did you hit the ball.

This will help you with the feedback and give you an idea regarding where you need to improve.

Golf practice Drill 3: Using Three Different Clubs For Three Different Targets

This is a great practice drill to help you in developing better control over distance. In this drill, you can pick up different target ranges and try to hit all the different targets with different clubs.

For example, you can select target marker of 100,150,200 and try hitting them with 8-iron, 5-iron and 3-iron.

Practicing this drill will help you train better for accuracy and better distance control.

Golf practice Drill 4: Putting At Different Distance Drill

This is one of the best drills that can help you push your limits and develop better control. To do this drill you can pick any distance near the hole. Let’s say around 15 feet from the hole or a distance you find comfortable.

Now, your aim during the first putt is to hit past the hole. Then, in the next putt you should hit the ball short of the hole and in the last putt must land between your first two putts. If you are able to complete this you should move ahead and increase the distance or repeat this if not successful.

This drill will help you develop better control over the ball and improve your accuracy.

Golf practice Drill 5: Variation in Grip Tension

When playing golf under a pressure situation your grip might vary. So, you need to develop an understanding of what happens when there is a change in the grip tension.

You can do this by trying to hit the same shot with the same club for distance and just vary the grip while doing so. At first, have a very tight firm grip then slowly move to a very light grip. This will help to develop a better understanding of the grip.

5 Best Golf Drills For Beginner To break 100

Drill 1: Towel Swinging

This is a fairly simple drill for beginners that can be done easily at home that too without the use of a golf club or any golf equipment. To do this drill all you need is a towel that should be rolled up, with a knot at one end.

You have to treat the knotted side of the towel as the clubhead and grip the towel from the other end. With the knotted end of the towel hanging towards the ground, you should take the golf stance that you might take before playing any shot. Then try and attempt to make a golf swing complete from beginning to end.

To successfully do this drill you will have to move slowly with a steady tempo. You have to control the swing with the movement of your body. Doing this drill regularly will help you develop better control over the club and increase your accuracy by many folds.

Drill 2: Spot Chipping

This drill will help you in improving your chipping skill. In this drill, you have to pick a spot on the green as a target instead of a hole. You should select the spot by keeping the bounce and roll you expect of the ball in the mind.

To practice this, pick a spot in the short game area and pick up a point where you want the ball to land and put some mark there. Get on to chipping with a target of the mark. Keep try it till you perfect it. Regularly doing this drill will make your chipping perfect and increase your accuracy.

Drill 3: Alignment Drill

Alignment is one of the key things to consider if you are trying to lower your score in golf. Many beginners end up aiming their feet to the target instead of the club aiming the target. This drill helps you improving exactly that.

To do this drill you need two alignment stick or golf clubs laid down parallel to each other. One of the sticks should point towards the target and the other just left of the target.

Now try hitting the ball with your feet align with the club closet to you. This drill will help improve your alignment and do wonder with your skills.

Drill 4: Improving Posture Drill

Good posture with a balanced stance will drastically improve your golf swings. You can do this drill with or without the golf club. You need to stand straight with your feet firmly on the ground parallel to each other and your hands on the sides.

Now, spread your legs to shoulder width and roll up your toes to jump up. As you come down bend your knees to absorb the impact of landing.

This will give you a perfect knee bend and weight equally distribution among your feet. Now hinge your upper body forward by bending through your hips that will give you a good spine posture.

This will help you get into the perfect stance with ease. Practice this drill regularly to improve your stance and posture. This will in end help you in a big way in breaking the 100.

Drill 5: Putting Shots Drill

The putting shots drill will help you in making key improvements in your game to help you break 100. To perform this drill, you need two alignment sticks, aligned parallel to each other on the ground.

Set this up about 6 feet away from your target hole. You should set the width of the stick wide enough for the putter to move freely. Now practice while trying to keep the putter between the sticks.

This drill will help you in improving the path of your putting stroke and increasing your accuracy with putting strokes.


The tips and drills that you have read can help you significantly improve your game. But real results can be seen when you actually go out and implement. If you are just reading and doing nothing then you will never be able to break 100. So, get up make a plan and work on it.

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