How to dress to impress – What should be part of a great golf outfit?

Have you ever experienced a time when a restaurant or a special location forbade you to get inside, due to the way you are dressed up at that moment? Well, the same type of experience could happen when entering a golf course. Never heard of that, have you?

Well, though it doesn’t happen often, it is very likely to be rejected from entering a golf game altogether, due to an inappropriate outfit. And this is not that golf could represent a threat to your health, but because there is a certain dress code which is important for the entire “golf feel”, atmosphere, that special golf universe.

Well, golf is a special type of world, with a refined dress code. So you will be needing more than just your club set to enter this “club”.


Key parts of a golf outfit

Don’t go, however, to the other extreme, of imagining that you have to prepare for golf like for some type of fancy ball. Generally the outfit includes:

  • A golf shirt or polo
  • A golf jacket
  • Depending on the weather either shorts or golf pants all garnished with belt (Women sometimes prefer a special skirt)
  • Special golf shoes (and funny golf socks if you want to be original)

Optional, but recommended accessories are:

  • A cap or hat
  • Special golf gloves to add extra protection

Let’s dive into it with a little more detail.

Upper body

For the upper body we have already mentioned that you will need to wear a shirt or polo. Well, that’s not just any kind of shirt. Golf usually requires a polo-type shirt and you must have your collar on. You can choose between long or short sleeves.

You can play around with any colour you want, here there are no restrictions. But generally, golf players don’t go too wild with their colours. Regarding the material, the main comfortable choice, for a majority of players and weather conditions, is cotton.

However there are some special synthetic materials that could be useful in more humid climate. This type of shirts is required both for men and women. However the dress code is slowly getting relaxed as the young generation of golfers is questioning and rebelling against stuffy traditions.

Lower body

In this category you can choose between shorts and slacks for men. Whereas for women, you can go for the same, or for special golf skirts. All of these options come with belt loops and should ideally accompanied by a nice sports belt.

Most golf belts are webbed for extra flexibility during the swing motion. Do not try to get away with anything else: no three-quarters, draw-string shorts, tight, midi, or long skirts.

As for colors, we recommend you to go with the same neutral & natural ones and to avoid very flashy colors. You have all types of grey, beige, kaki, green, blues and many more combinations for ladies.

For the belt go with sporty, stretch type ones, for your movement comfort. Usually, golf players match their outfit items to one another. They mostly go for mono-tone or bi-tone outfits, whatever grants a more refined, neat look.


In this category choose comfort, while at the same time not forgetting about the special demands golfing has on your shoes. You will find special golf shoes with all major sports footwear brands.

Top comfort will be provided by soles of the spikeless shoes. However, they don’t have a very “golf” look, and even more so they lack grip. For this, you can choose the special soft spike ones or even the steel spikes.

However, the steel spike type is dedicated only to advanced level players, and not many golf clubs allow you to enter with these. So, just avoid them for now.

The most common and encountered shoes when playing golf are the ones with soft spikes, made of plastic or rubber that protect the grass. The soles in these ones are quite hard and impose on you a certain specific posture.

Please absolutely avoid: trainers, suit shoes, sandals, thongs, flip-flops.

Use beautiful white cotton socks that give you that clean look, and are perfect for your skin. During winter time you might want to get some warm merino wool socks.


If it’s very sunny, or windy and cold you can opt for baseball-type caps, which are the most commonly used by golf players, or for visors, or bucket hats, and not very popular, yet present especially for beginners, wide brim hats.


Gloves come in handy if you play for a longer time, for hand and skin protection, or if you simply want to be fully equipped. In this case, you will need to go for only one piece of glove, and you will find many options at the specialized brands.

The glove shall be used for the hand opposing the dominant one. Meaning if you are right-handed you will wear the glove on the left hand, and vice-versa. But never, ever, wear golf gloves on both hands. They probably won’t interdict your entrance on the field, but you will definitely look like a person from another planet.


It might be a lot to get all this gear when you’re just starting out, but it quickly pays off thanks to the golf specific features of the golf apparel, but also feeling like you’re actually becoming a part of the world of golf. Enjoy hitting the balls!

Article written by Denny Putsh (

“Denny is a lifelong golf enthusiast always interested in learning the next trick or tip. After growing tired of watching beginner golfers making the same mistakes, Denny decided to turn to online blogging to help educate the greater golf community. He now has his own blog where he enjoys sharing his knowledge and recommendations online, with his end goal always being to get more folks excited about the game he loves so much.”

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