Why Golf Ball Spin Matters for High Trajectory Wedge Shots

In this video we will cover 3 important tips to help you get more spin on your wedge shots and thus higher trajectory, more backspin, for a softer landing.

The 3 factors that impact the backspin are:

  1. Course Conditions
  2. Equipment
  3. Technique

Course Conditions

The ground you are hitting the ball off of and the ground the ball is landing onto (like the green) both matter for how much backspin and how the ball performs on the green. Does it spin back like you see PGA pro’s doing on TV?

To start, you need to have as little grass as possible between the clubface and the golf ball to get maximum spin. The more grass that gets between the face and the ball, the less spin the club face grooves can put on the golf ball.

This is why it is harder to achieve spin out of the rough as compared to the fairway. It’s also why we need to keep the grooves clean when grass gets jammed in them.

The surface of the green also matters. Wet greens are softer and will allow the ball to grab and spin back easier than dry, hard surfaced greens.

The slope of the green also matters.

If the ball is flying into a sloped green the slope will help stop the ball and let the backspin take hold. On flat greens the ball won’t have as much stopping power and may bounce forward more before the backspin grabs hold.


Your equipment needs to be kept clean so the grooves can grab onto the golf ball cover. Your grooves on your clubs need to be kept sharp. As you hit more golf shots over time, they will become more dull and this reduces the spin they can put on the golf ball.

Softer golf balls will deliver better spin because the soft cover can compress more on the clubface, allowing the grooves to grab hold better. Softer golf balls however, can result in giving up distance. So you’ll want to find a good balance or pay more for a premium golf ball that can deliver a good mix of ball softness and distance.

Loft also matters for backspin. Higher lofted clubs put more backspin on the golf ball when combined with club speed, allowing it to climb higher into the air on a higher trajectory. This increased backspin also allows it to stop faster on the green.

Consider adding a higher lofted wedge to your golf bag if you don’t already have one to use in situations where you want a high golf shot with lots of backspin.


During the golf swing, we can use technique to add loft to the clubface as it comes into the ball at impact to help lift it higher into the sky and with more backspin.

Speed is your friend. Accelerate into the golf shot and the speed will put more spin on the ball.

The club shaft at impact should be vertical. If the hands are ahead of the clubface, the club will have forward shaft lean naturally as a result. If the hands are trailing behind the clubface at impact, the shaft will be leaning backwards.

This is dangerous because the more the shaft leans backwards, the more it raises up the leading edge of the club’s face. If the leading edge raises up too much it can result in skulled shots and poor contact with the ball.

A neutral leading edge is best and to achieve this you want the club shaft to be in a neutral vertical position when setting up to the golf ball. The hands will be middle of the stance at your belt buckle when you take your grip and stance at address.

On the downswing we want to return to this position when we come into impact.

The hands aren’t leaning the shaft forward or backward, but instead the hands come into the impact zone the same time as the club face creating a vertical shaft at impact if we took a picture or video.

After impact, let the club release. Don’t hold off the release. Let the wrist hinge go into impact so the club releases and gets loft on the ball, popping it up into the air.

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