Golf Irons Ball Striking Tips to Hit Pure Iron Shots

Start By Analyzing Your Setup and Turn Back

Imagine a straight line running down your chest to the ground between your two feet in the middle of your stance. This line is the line the body will rotate around as we turn back and rotate the shoulders 90 degrees.

Be careful about swaying backwards with the hips. The turn back is a rotation around the center line, not swaying.

The reason swaying is not good for the golf swing is that it shifts too much weight to the back of the stance and all this weight has to be shifted back on the downswing, which can lead to timing and inconsistency issues.

It can also lead to the golf club bottoming out too far behind the swing if the body isn’t transferring the weight back forward properly, and this can lead to chunked golf shots.

As we rotate back around the sternum center line we drew in the video above, you’ll feel a little pressure on your back leg as some weight is shifted but not too much.

On the downswing, start to unwind the hips and let the body weight get more forward as you come through the hitting zone and into the follow through.

Hit Down on the Golf Ball

You’ll hear this phrase “hit down on the golf ball” quite often by golf instructors.

What it means is getting that golf club to come down on the downswing at a downward angle of attack into the back of that golf ball, hitting golf ball first, then taking a divot.

The opposite would be trying to hit up on the golf ball and this swinging up with an upward angle of attack into the ball is only meant for Driver swings. It is not good for irons.

Irons require the club to come down at a downward angle to create crisp contact with the golf ball, and it’s what allows you to hit ball first, then take a divot after the ball.

While hitting down at a downward angle of attack is ideal for striking your golf irons pure, be careful about having too steep of an angle of attack on the golf ball. This can lead to chunks and very deep divots, costing you distance and consistency issues.

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