How to Improve Your Golf Game Quickly – Drop 5 to 10 Strokes

Are you tired of spending long hours at the golf course but don’t see your scores improving very fast?

Stuck trying to decide which golf drills are the best to practice and spend time on?

Wish you could actually have a decent round of golf where nothing goes wrong like 3 putts, losing your golf swing mid-round, or blowing up a good score at the very end of the round?

Then you should definitely see what we have in store for you below!

Nick’s Practice Routines + Challenge

I’m Nick, the founder of Golf Practice Guides and I run this blog for fun to give back free knowledge, tips, and drills that helped me take my golf scores from 120+ to under par for 18 holes in  just a short period of time from age 16 to age 18.

These were my peak years when I took golf seriously and practiced 6 days per week.

I was successful enough to get my handicap to scratch and win a few tournaments including one tournament where I finished under par!

I never would have imagined it was possible when I first started playing at age 16 and shot 120+ scores for 18 holes time and time again. But hard work does pay off.

Now I’ve built step by step training programs that have gotten hundreds of positive feedback comments from members.

These programs make it easy for different skill level players to follow a routine and system so that you don’t feel like you’re all over the place and practicing randomly. Plus we make it easy to track your results by including lots of worksheets and stat tracking score cards.

With Winter approaching, many golf courses are shutting down but we still want you to keep golf on your mind, whether it’s by reading eBooks or studying videos on YouTube.

Right now we’re running a winter golf sale on our store selling eBooks and our famous Practice Plans for cheap! Most items are 50% or more off of their normal prices.

Take advantage of these deals and grab educational content that will help your game go next level this upcoming or current golf season. You could try to do it all yourself or spend hours researching free blog posts but I would save yourself the time and just use our proven plans to guide your improvement.

Here are several golf practice plans we offer with lots of worksheets and bonuses that come with your program. Click the links to learn more about each training plan.

Golf Practice Plans (Follow these Programs)

Golf Video Courses

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