Impact Golf Ball Swing Plane Trainer Aid

When my brother became a golf instructor, one of the first golf training aids he purchased to use with his students was the Impact Golf Ball Swing Plane Trainer.

In short, it’s a blue and yellow golf ball with indents for your arms as seen in this photo.

impact golf ball training aid review

The goal is to hold onto the impact ball with your forearms while making a full golf swing. It trains your body mechanics during the golf swing so that your arms are in sync with the body during the takeaway and throughout the downswing.

Most beginner golfers get out of sync with their arms, shoulders, and torso, but the Impact ball should help fix that.

It puts your weight where it belongs while preventing your wrists from moving too much. After using the Impact ball training aid for several days you’ll notice better feel in your golf swing which translates to increased distance and straighter golf shots.

How to Use It:

Start off holding your golf club in one hand and the Impact ball in the other.

Place the ball up against your forearm of the arm that is holding the golf club.

Then bring in your other arm to the indentation so the ball is now wedged between your two forearms and you can grip the club with both hands.

How Your Golf Swing Improves

The main benefit is a reduction of wrist flopping that many amateur golfers use to hit the golf ball. It trains you to lead with the club handle through impact to avoid scooping the ball using wrist flipping.

This will promote a more solid strike at impact and you’ll find an improvement in your ability to square the club face through proper forearm rotation.

On your putting stroke, you’ll train your body to reduce it’s overall movement and to allow the arms and shoulders to work in sync to make the putting stroke.

When putting you can place an Impact ball between your legs while also holding one between your forearms. This teaches your lower body to hold still during the putting stroke.

Overall, by correcting the position of the hands and body at impact, the Impact Ball lowers handicaps and strengthens your golf game. Give it a try and if you don’t like it, send it back. We recommend buying the Impact Ball on Amazon since they have a generous return policy!

Key Features:

  • Trains your swing to use your arms, shoulders, and torso in harmony
  • Comes in three sizes – Large (men’s), Medium (ladies’), and Small (juniors’)
  • Proven to significantly improve every aspect of your game, from drive to chip and pitch to putt

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How Much Does It Cost?

It’s currently available for sale on Amazon for $39. This isn’t bad considering most golf swing lessons with a local pro instructor will run $40-$60 for one lesson. With the Impact Golf Ball Training Aid, you can work on your swing for weeks and months getting more value for the money spent!

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