Jordan Spieth Golf Practice Routine

Ever wonder how Jordan Spieth, one of the best golfers in the world, practice golf? Is he naturally gifted or is his success on the PGA Tour a product of hard work?

Clearly hard work.

So what does that entail? What practice routine does Jordan Spieth go through each week to improve his game and gain advantage over his competitors?

Below we will review an advanced putting drill Spieth sets up that works on distance control as well as accuracy and holing out putts from long distances, which seems common for him in tournaments as well.

You’ll also find an example routine he goes through outside the golf course which you can read more about in this article here by Under Armour.

Jordan Spieth’s Putting Drill

According to an article published on MyTPI and, here is the putting routine he putts himself through to work on lots of longer putts. This practice improves his distance control that helps him make these long range putts at an above average rate compared to tour players.

#1: Starting off, Spieth will find two holes spread apart 30-40 feet minimum.

#2: He then marks a safety zone beyond each hole of approximately 3 feet to allow for some run-off if he misses the putt. But the club he sets down also acts as a backstop to give feedback if he hits the ball too hard.

#3: Speith then begins putting with 3 balls from 10 feet. This leaves 30 feet to the other hole coming back later.

#4: If Jordan holes all 3 putts then he allows himself to move 3 feet closer on the way back, moving up to 27 feet away instead of 30 feet. If he misses any, he remains 30 feet away on the way back. If he hits a putt to hard an it hits the backstop, he has to move 3 feet further away to 33 feet on the way back.

#5: After hitting all 3 putts from 10 feet. He goes back to his marker and turns the other way hitting to the opposite hole. Now this works on his long range putting after he just worked on his short range putting. If he successfully lag putts all 3 within the safe zone, he can move 3 feet closer again for the next time.

#6: If he got to move up to 27 feet, then coming back later he will putt from 13 feet.

#7: The drill ends once he gets to 10 feet on the opposite putt that used to be 30 feet away.

Overall, it’s a great putting drill that helps Jordan work on both long and short putts by mirror the distances opposite of each other within the 40 feet between the two holes.

Jordan Spieth Driving Range Routine

For range practice, Spieth blasts music to keep his mood and energy up since golf is largely mental. As a golf pro, he also has the advantage of having a Trackman on-site usually to track analytics from his range practice sessions to he can make adjustments to his game over time.

He also has the luxury and money to hire top level, professional swing coaching to fine tune his swing for the challenging PGA Tour golf courses, espeically the Masters at Augusta.

Rather than hit balls randomly, every shot has specific purpose and is designed to simulate the real life shot types Jordan will face during tournament play.

There’s also a good mix of mental shots to train his mind and mental game. How to assess and escape situations he gets into on the golf course, like woods, ball sitting in a divot, tough bunker lies, etc.

Jordan Spieth Workout Routine

According to the Under Armour article, Spieth works with a fitness trainer and nutritionist to help help recover and optimize his performance on the golf course.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Jordan gets 8 hours of sleep every night as well as during tournaments.
  • Workout outside/explore the locations he plays tournaments. Go for hikes, jump in the ocean, enjoy the beautiful scenery of each city and country they visit for tournaments
  • Circuit style training that also produces disguised cardio
  • Minimum 30 minute warm up to engage muscles Jordan’s about to use
  • Bodyweight and band movement exercises
  • Train movement, not muscles
  • Work linear and lateral

Nutrition Strategy of Spieth:

  • Drinks a mix of water/orange juice to stay hydrated
  • Eat often, and a lot
  • Focuses on whole foods
  • Things You’ll Find in His Bag: Granola, Almonds, Pecans, Organic honey, Unsweetened coconut, Virgin coconut oil, Ground vanilla beans, Cinnamon, Little bit of sea salt

Check out the full article here

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