Reviewing the Jordan Spieth Golf Shoes!

Did you know…Jordan Spieth has his own line of golf shoes with Under Armour? In fact, he recently came out with his 3rd generation shoe the Speith 3 which we will review below along with the Spieth 2 and Spieth 1 golf shoes.

Your golf attire is never complete without a good pair of golf shoes. However, choosing the best pair can be quite tricky. There are certain considerations that you need to think through before buying the perfect pair.

Your shoes are not just about the design, brand, and style. Most importantly, they should be comfortable enough for long golf tournaments.

If you happen to be looking for golf shoes that offer comfort, style, and durability, we like the Jordan Spieth Golf Shoes. Here’s the scoop starting with the Spieth One.


Under Armour Jordan Spieth ONE Golf Shoe

  • Comfortable
  • Rotational Traction Resistant Soles• Stylish
  • Stylish


One of the best features about the Spieth One Golf Shoe is that it puts emphasis on the comfort of the golfer. It has a breathable strong mesh design which keeps your feet comfortable even during hot weather. Apart from this design, it also has durable insoles which help support your feet for long periods of time.

spieth one shoe review

Rotational Traction Resistant Soles

The Rotational Traction Resistant Soles is an added feature of these golf shoes. If you flip them over, you can see several spikes.

These spikes are created to keep your feet from making unnecessary movements when you hit the ball. They stop you from rotating your feet when you hit your mark.

Aside from that, the spikes also act as your support. If you happen to see several pods on the sides of your shoes, those are stability pods. These pods help distribute the weight whenever you play.


Apart from the high level of comfort and stability, this pair of golf shoes is also stylish. The shoes come in a white, orange, and gray combination.

This color combination gives the shoes a trendier look. This makes it easier for you to pair these shoes with any type of trouser without clashing.

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BOA Version (Under Armor Jordan Spieth One)


Apart from the classic design, the Spieth One also has a BOA version. The Boa version possesses the same specifications as the Spieth One. However, they differ in terms of the enclosure.

The BOA version offers a more secure fit. Its special lock ensures that the shoes fit you just right. You won’t have to worry about extra and unintentional movements with these shoes.

Unlike the classic Spieth One, the Boa Version comes in black and white combination instead of the white and orange combination of the Spieth One. Nonetheless, this pair is also a perfect match for any type of trouser and golfing attire.

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Under Armor Jordan Spieth 2

  • GORE-TEX feature
  • Durable and Comfortable
  • Lightweight

GORE-TEX feature

Unlike the first generation of the UA Jordan Spieth golf shoes, the Spieth 2 has a GORE-TEX feature. This feature makes the shoes waterproof. You can use these shoes on any type of greens and weather.

If you think these shoes would be uncomfortable to wear because of its waterproof feature, you are definitely wrong. UA made sure that the shoes will still be breathable even if it has this feature.

spieth 2 shoe

Durable and Comfortable

Apart from the waterproof feature, this shoe is equipped with a Clarino® Microfiber. This artificial leather is durable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

It is washable but still maintains its soft and smooth texture. You don’t have to worry about cuts and blisters whenever you wear these shoes.

Aside from the leather, the Spieth 2 golf shoes also come with the EVA midsoles. These soles help support your feet and ankles during long games. They also help you maintain a steady position whenever you hit the ball.


Lastly, these shoes also have the Under Armor trademark lightweight technology. This feature adds more comfort for people wearing this pair. Overall, the shoes are made from lightweight and durable materials of Under Armor.

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Spieth 2 BOA Version

Just like the Spieth 1, Spieth 2 also comes with the BOA version.

It carries the same features with the Spieth 2 but they differ in terms of color. The Spieth 2 comes in striking red and white, making it stand out in the crowd.

Spieth 2 BOA comes with a darker and monochromatic scheme, giving the shoes a classic and versatile vibe for the users.

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Under Armor Jordan Spieth 3

  • Locked-In Fit
  • TPU Outsoles for Better Stability
  • Highly Durable
  • High Level of Comfort

Locked In Fit

These may not be a BOA version but these shoes have a system that allows golfers to have a snug fit whenever they wear a pair. Aside from that, it also adds more traction to the soles whenever you move.

The Spieth 3 pair also features the Rotational Traction Resistant like your Spieth 1. These shoes also carry the traditional spikes of the Spieth 1 shoes.

spieth 3 golf shoe review

TPU Outsoles

Most of the time, we often hear the EVA insoles for the Spieth shoes. However, for this pair, UA wanted to give more stability for players when they are on the field.

Thus, they have added TPU outsoles. The outsoles are made from carbon fiber. This adds durability to the soles and the shoes.

Highly Durable

The Spieth 3 golf shoe is also made of Clarino® microfiber. The synthetic leather assures golfers that it can withstand any weather. It also provides a high level of comfort for its users.

High Level of Comfort

Under Armour spends more effort in ensuring the comfort of the golfers for this pair of golf shoes. The company didn’t only focus on the insoles but also on the outsoles.

Each crevice of this pair has been strategically placed with soles for better comfort. They added midsoles and cushions on the footbed.

This gives better vertical traction on the foot soles. Additionally, the pair also has smartly woven forefoot panels. The heel counter is also designed to add more support for the soles.

The shoes are also light-weight. They weigh about 13. 1 oz, making it easier for you to position yourself as you prepare to hit the mark.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jordan Spieth?

Jordan Spieth is one of the most influential golfers of our time. Spieth has won several tournaments on the PGA Tour since joining after his freshman year at Texas where he was a national champion and amateur champion.

Since joining the PGA Tour, Spieth quickly became a Master’s champion at age 21 and went on to win the U.S. Open Major Championship and FedEx Cup that same season.

He is currently a top 10 ranked golfer in the world and has signed a lucrative endorsement deal with Under Armour bringing him in millions and making him a top paid golfer in the sport.

What makes him a champion?

Spieth is known for his unusual swinging style. Although proper positioning plays an important factor in making a perfect swing, Spieth does not agree with that one. You will probably see him with the wrong position of his arms or with overlapping grips when he plays on the green.

His putting is also a stand out feature about him and spurred his impressive run in 2015 when he won multiple majors and golf tournaments. Spieths feel on the greens comes from hard work and practice as a junior player.

How Jordan Spieth landed a contract with Under Armour?

Spieth signed a contract for Under Armour for 10 years. His contract will end in 2025. He was chosen by Under Armour due to his achievements at such a young age.

He was dubbed as the next Tiger Woods by several publications. It is no wonder that he landed a contract with Under Armour putting him up there as one of the highest paid alongside NBA Champion Steph Curry.

What is a BOA lacing system in Spieth’s Golf Shoes?

BOA shoes are shoes that have a BOA lacing system. This system allows golfers to easily wear and remove their shoes when they are on the field.

You don’t need to tie your shoes to tighten them or pull them out when loosening them. The BOA lacing system comes with a knob that you would simply press. It automatically loosens and tightens the shoes with just one move.

BOA or Standard: Which golf shoe fits you?

It depends on your comfort, although more people are leaning towards the BOA-laced shoes. Many golfers believe that BOA shoes have better security, stability, and comfort.

The BOA laces remove the pressure that shoelaces would place on top of the foot. The BOA lacing system secures the feet from slipping and other possible injuries caused by unsecured shoes.

BOA laced shoes are more expensive compared to their standard counterparts. However, they can be a good investment in the long run.

What are the factors that you need to consider when choosing golf shoes?

When choosing golf shoes, one of the factors that you need to consider is the fit. Your shoes must not be too big or too small for you. It should be comfortable enough to move and snug enough to secure your feet from slipping when you are on the greens.

Another factor that you need to consider is the style. There are two types of golf shoes; we have the athletic and the traditional.

Traditional golf shoes are usually made of leather. These types of shoes have the highest comfortability level and are also waterproof.

However, this type of shoes lacks breathability which the athletic style has. Athletic golf shoes are more flexible and lightweight compared to the traditional ones.

Aside from that, you also need to consider whether you want the spike or the non-spike ones. This one is usually based on your own personal preferences. Both athletic and traditional shoes offer spike and non-spike shoes.

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