Golf Short Game Tips from Jordan Spieth

Golf Short Game Tips from Jordan Spieth

In this first video Jordan Spieth shares tips on how to hit a low pitch shot that has low spin so that when it hits the green it checks up briefly then runs.

Place the ball towards your back foot with your weight more towards your front foot.

Make sure to accelerate through impact by driving those hands forward and keeping them square. This differs from a flop shot’s technique since it’s a low runner chip shot instead of a high flop shot.

You’ll notice his back swing is about to the 9 o’clock mark and his follow through is to about the 3 o’clock position which is pretty equal.

Low Runner Chip Shot – Jordan Spieth Tutorial

High and Soft Flop Shot Tutorial By Jordan Spieth

For the flop shot, Spieth recommends 60/40 weight on the front side. Your face and body should be open a little bit to the target.

From there you look for a hinge on the backswing and you want to release the club earlier than you would a normal pitch shot. This gets the ball up in the air quicker because you’re not compressing the ball down with your hands like on a lower chip shot.

The launch angle is higher as a result of the hinge and speed you bring on the down swing to the ball.

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