Journey to Scratch Golf: Practice Session #2

What’s up golf fam? I hope you had a fabulous Friday before Easter Sunday. Today I made it out to the golf course for practice #2 of the breaking 70 golf practice plan!

When I got to the golf course, my goal was to work on short game for awhile, then head out and play 9 holes, and conclude by finishing up the practice plan & worksheet. However, the course was really busy today and they had the Friday men’s game going down, so I ended up just grinding out the practice session!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be up early heading to the golf course for the 9am men’s game. They play 4 days per week and it’s usually $10 to join. Using your handicap, they pair you into teams of 3 or 4 guys and you play 3 different games over the 18 holes.

Each game is 6 holes long and at the end they total your team scores to see the winning teams for each of the games. It’s fun because you get 3 chances to win some money in addition to winning skins money for best score on a hole.

I’ll keep you updated how that goes, because it’s going to be my first semi-competitive golf round of the season where prior rounds were just individual practice rounds by myself. I’m excited to put the skills to the test tomorrow after a solid practice today.

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Summary from Practice Session #2

Today was solid all around. I was sinking more putts from 3 to 5 feet than last practice, beating my scores. It will be hard to top today’s scores in practice session #3 to complete Week #1 Practice Routine from the Breaking 70 Practice Plan.

Lag putting was lots of fun today as well. I was nudging balls close to the hole today compared to practice #1 and even sinking a few long putts. It’s always a good feeling seeing the ball drop in the hole from far away, even if it’s lucky!

Chipping was much more solid today. I’m still leaving some chip shots short but I feel more control over chipping distances now with both my 54 degree and 60 degree wedges.

I was able to execute some flop shots today nicely on holes with little green between the fringe and the hole. I found that loosening up grip with my left (lead) hand and strengthening grip with my right hand (trail hand), helped hit flop shots by popping the ball up higher into the air.

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Overall, with short game it was a lot of feeling things out, learning what good putts and chips feel like and trying to replicate that feeling to produce a consistent stroke.

The range drills I completed rather quickly today. I’ll try slowing down next time really focusing on alignment to my target more. I wasn’t just randomly hitting balls since I had the practice plan to follow, but I still felt like I could have taken more care with each rep to ensure it was high quality.

Tomorrow we’ll see how my swing fares in the game. Thanks for dropping by today and remember that I’m posting daily articles now with lessons and tips to help your golf game so be sure to drop by each day if you’re bored and ready to learn!

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