Welcome to the Journey to Scratch Golf Series

On this page you will find links to past articles and lessons in this blog series. My name is Nick Foy, founder of Golf Practice Guides along with my brother Michael and we are both Scratch Golfers.

Who We Are?

My brother plays college golf currently in North Carolina while I’m out in the real world selling real estate for a living and working on my golf game. Both of us were scratch golfers in high school, helping lead our team to new records and tournament wins never experienced before in program history. After high school I attended Ohio State for business school while my brother went to PGA Teaching School in addition to playing golf for his college program.

We’ve had over 100,000 people stop by our blog and helped hundreds of golfers improve with our training programs and eBooks. In addition, we share daily practice tips and motivation on our Instagram page that is followed by over 28,000 golf fans.

Why The Scratch Golf Challenge?

I’ve let my skills worsen on purpose over the past few years so that I could start back in the 80’s again and work to get back to scratch golf in a short time frame. I decided to do this challenge to inspire others and show them the process of what it takes to move from scoring in the 80’s to scoring around par golf. It is definitely possible! Follow my journey in this article series and implement the lessons I share. Let’s do this together.

What Golf Practice Plan Will I Be Following?

If you need a step by step practice plan, then use the breaking 70 practice plan I created and am following myself during my journey. It comes with step by step practices as well as complimentary worksheets for you to fill out to track your progress. I highly recommend using the worksheets and taking the statistical tracking serious so you can see your improvement!

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