Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag for Young Kids

Looking to buy your kid’s new golf clubs and teach them the amazing sport of golf? Check out this golf club set designed for children 4 to 8 years of age called the Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag and can easily be purchased from Amazon with 2 day shipping.

What’s Included With This Junior Golf Clubs Set?

This kid’s golf club set comes standard with a 36 inch Driver/Fairway wood with extra loft for easy hitting, an over-sized Ti-Matrix perimeter-weighted irons with large, forgiving sweet spot – 7 iron (30.5″), 9 iron (30″), White Ball Putter (30″) & long neck headcover.

The golf bag that your junior golfer will get is a deluxe junior stand bag with double shoulder strap and a 4 way divider for the 4 golf clubs included (driver, 7 iron, 9 iron, putter). It also contains 4 exterior pockets so your junior golfer can learn how to organize tees, balls, ball markers, divot fixers into the various external golf bag pockets.

This junior golf bag even comes with a rain hood and umbrella holder. Awesome perks right?

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What Specs Are the Junior Golf Clubs?

You can purchase either a right handed or left handed golf club set for your junior golfer. The shafts are Junior Flex and the grips are Soft Wrap grips.

Again, the Driver for the 4-7 year old junior golf club set is 36 inches but there is also another junior club set for 8-12 year olds with a 39 inch driver. The 7 iron is 30.5 inches, 9 iron is 30 inches, and putter is 30 inches. But once they upgrade to the 8-12 year old junior golf clubs, the 7 iron becomes 33.5″, the 9 iron (33″), and the putter (32″). These longer golf clubs are only recommended for golfers whose height is between 4’6″ and 5’1″.

So if your junior golfer falls under a height of 4’6″ (aka 54 inches tall) then the Confidence Junior Golf Club Set for 4-7 year olds is recommended!

Click here to see the 5 Star reviews on Amazon

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