Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Irons Review

The Mizuno JPX iron series has been a huge success on tour winning the heart of both pro golfers and amateurs.

Because of this, the Mizuno team is inspired to keep impressing its fans and customers by enhancing the existing JPX irons.

They’ve created the new Mizuno JPX 919 Forged irons which are one of the best looking, most forgiving and long distance hitting irons in the game improvement category.

This set of irons are great for the average player. The forgiveness and distance of this forged iron will appeal to both low and mid handicap golfers looking for more feedback and more consistent performance.

Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Irons Features:


mizuno jpx irons

The JPX Forged iron looks a little thick at a glance and more of a slightly beefier player’s iron at address. The long irons come with more noticeable offsets as compared to their shorter version.

Its appearance at address is likely to inspire confidence for any golfer. It doesn’t have the colored paint-fill, making it very clean with a modern look.

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Feed and sound

To ensure the iron gives a great feel, Mizuno added Boron to their billet, strengthening the carbon steel by 30%. The CNC milling on the back of the face is one great thing that impacts much of the feel and transfers more energy to the ball.

The face thickness is optimized for more speed, and the reduced weight on the face of the mid-to-long irons allow for a lower center of gravity (CG) hence easier flight and added forgiveness.

On the sound part, the JPX 919 Forged irons guarantee a substantial amount of feedback. Any player can easily tell between mishits and pure strikes. It produces a very pure “smack” sound when you make a good swing.

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Mizuno 919 Iron Performance

All the incredible elements of this club combined, you should expect nothing but great performance.  It comes with more favorable lofts than most irons, helping ball striking improve.

While it’s easy to tell between a mishit and a pure shot, the JPX919 Forged still forgives enough to give you good shots even if you don’t hit it dead center of the face. The Boron added to the JPX 919 Forged iron make it stronger helping add forgiveness.

The designers also ensured they came up with a thinner face to enable the hitting area to flex more efficiently creating more powerful ball speeds.

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Final Verdict

Due to its versatility, the Mizuno JPX 919 iron set is ideal for low to mid handicap golfers that combine the feel and performance and also look for extra distance with increased forgiveness.

The larger head and the decent cavity size are put in place to inspire the confidence of any player.


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