Mizuno MP 18 Golf Irons Review

Mizuno is one of the premium golf brands when it comes to iron sets. The irons crafted by Mizuno are tour focused to help professional golfers dial in their swing and for years Nick Faldo was a popular face repping the Mizuno golf brand.

Today, Mizuno is taking the same approach to craft quality golf irons for the average amateur golfer and most irons sets they release come in multiple options to fit the mid-handicapper as well as the better than average golfer also.

Below we will be reviewing the Mizuno MP-18 Irons. For more information, reviews, and pricing click here to see them on Amazon.


4 Different Iron Designs for the MP 18 Series

The MP 18 Golf Irons come in 4 options in this series.

The heads on these irons are slightly smaller than the MP-4 irons which they are replacing.

The blade model will be the most popular of the 4 iron set options you have to choose from but the other 3 are meticulously crafted to appeal to golfers seeking sleek head design appearance.

Here’s a photo of the quality and artistry Mizuno crafts the iron heads with.

mizuno 2018 golf irons mp 18

Crafting the Blade Look Golfers Love

The MP 18 irons are a creation of top master craftsmen, Turbo, who is famously known for working side by side with Nick Faldo in the 1990’s to improve the design of Mizuno irons as well as performance and feel.

Turbo worked to help create the blade look that golfers crave and the new MP 18’s are sharp in design ratings which is why we know golfers will gravitate towards this model most.


The Split Cavity MP 18 Iron Head

Another option crafted by Mizunos engineers is the split cavity look. Here’s a photo of this iron design which you can compare to the blade look above and see the notable differences.

mizuno mp 18 irons golf

The Mizuno MP 18 MMC Design

The third design of this 4 option series is the MMC. Here’s how the iron head is crafted and differentiates from the split cavity and blade models.

mizuno mp 18 mmc iron

Who are the Mizuno MP 18 Irons for?

If you really analzye the MP 18 irons you’ll notice a lot of similarities and cross overs from Mizuno’s JPX900 irons.

The difference however is that Mizuno focused on clever technology to improve golfer’s ball speeds in the JPX900 while the new MP 18 irons are built for feel, forgiveness, and aesthetics.

The MP 18 irons will likely appeal more to the mid-handicapper and average player. The JPX900 irons were built for tour players and the JPX900 Tour model was actually used by Brooks Koepka to win the U.S. Open.

Out of the 4 options of the MP-18 irons, we think the mid-handicapper (80-95 scores) will favor the MMC model best. It’s more forgiving than the blade model since it features a cavity back.

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Technology in the Mizuno MP 18 Irons

Improved Forging for Better Feel

Mizuno worked hard to improve the forging process and came up with a new Grain Flow Forging HD (High Density) that basically concentrates the carbon steel grains lower in the face of these irons to help you get better feel.

Their main focus was increasing the duration of feel so you get time to get feedback from each swing and learn where you hit it on the face. This greater duration of feel allows you to hear and feel the club vibrate longer and comes with a softer feel than ever before.

The 1025 E pure select mild carbon steel used in the face isn’t new but the process of forging is new to help concentrate the grains of steel lower.

Thinner Top Line

The MP-18’s are built with an ultra thin top-line geared towards better players who love the look of thinner top-lines to help with address and set up over the golf ball.

Widened Sole

While blade irons can scare off most beginner players due to lack of forgiveness, Mizuno came up with a widened sole option to help increase the forgiveness that appeals to amateur and beginner level players.

Improved Off Center Performance

With the Mizuno MMC iron models you’ll find they’ve used lightweight Titanium (8g) and heavier Tungsten (20g) to improve off-center performance.

This is achieved by the increased stability of the iron face and the higher moment of inertia which helps resist the club face twisting.

Overall Review of the MP 18 Irons

These irons are solid but after reading this review the main takeaway should be that the MP 18’s are built for feel as the number one priority. Golfers who strike the center of the face will get that pure, buttery smooth feeling to know you hit it well.

On off-center hits you’ll enjoy the longer duration feedback from sound and vibration to feel the mishit.

These irons add in some forgiveness features as well to help the average player, but they’re not the most forgiving irons in the game.

This makes them a possible option for mid handicappers but better players will likely be the ones to gravitate towards the MP 18’s to get the blade style iron with great feedback on well struck golf shots as well as mishits.

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