MVP Golf Alignment Rods (MoRods) by David Leadbetter – Review

Today we are talking about alignment rods and why you should have a pair in your golf bag with you at all times. Linked in the post today are David Leadbetter’s MoRods but you can find other alignment rods as well on Amazon or at your local golf shop.

The importance is having a set. Alignment rods are key for helping you practice effectively on the driving range. They help you properly align your ball to the target and align your feet properly to the target.

The MoRods Alignment Rods are 44 inches in length, similar to that of your driver’s golf shaft length. These sticks are made of fiberglass that is super lightweight so you won’t notice extra weight carrying them in your golf bag.

Another cool feature when you buy this specific pair of alignment rods is that they come with an instructional book full of golf drills to practice to help your swing.

David Leadbetter is one of the top instructors in golf and famous worldwide so you’re getting a great training aid from a quality teacher.

Quality wise, they are made of UV Coating to prevent fading and help sustain durability. They are also the same set that you’ll see many tour professionals using on the driving range before a golf round.

Other ways you can use these alignment rods include poking it vertically into the ground several yards away to serve as a flag stick to chip to. This can help you work on wedge shots as well as using them for golf swing alignment.

For the chipping practice, one stick goes in the ground like a flag stick about 10 yards away. The other alignment stick can be used to point the target line so you properly line up your chip shots. This will allow you to see if you’re starting chipping shots on line or pulling / pushing your chips (which is a common issue beginners face).

Overall, these are just one pair of alignment rods, but we like them for the quality design and the instructional golf drill booklet that comes with them as a free bonus.

They’re quite cheap as well but you can check their current price using this link below.

Click here to learn about these golf alignment rods on Amazon

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