New Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review

A new Driver has been released by Callaway known as the Callaway Epic Flash Driver and it should come in two options: (1) The Callaway Epic Flash and (2) The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero drivers. (Update: It has launched! Click here to see on Amazon)

We don’t have official details on the release date but we expect Callaway to share more information with the world during the PGA Show in January. Here is a leaked photo of the new Callaway driver.


The USGA has greenlighted the Epic Flash drivers, so you know Callaway is close to launching the new driver in 2019. Tour players will likely get first crack at hitting the new drivers in 2019.

Last year in February 2018, Callaway released their Rogue and Rogue Sub Zero drivers. Our guess for the release date of the Callaway Epic Flash drivers is March but they could come as soon as February.

It’s also being rumored that Callaway might offer up two other driver options in 2019. The Epic Flash Draw and Epic Flash Star have been mentioned as possibilities but it’s still very uncertain so we won’t speculate too much.

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new callaway driver 2019

As far as technology of the 2019 Callaway drivers, the standard and sub zero models could share a rear-placed, multi-position, sliding weight system.

These systems allow you to adjust your draw/fade settings on your driver as well as align your Center-of-Gravity (CG) position to fit your typical impact position for better launches.

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The fade position is best for golfers who hit the toe more often and the draw position is best for golfers who hit the heel more often. These adjustments can help your club generate more ball speed on mis-hits to still maximize your distances.

Other technology to look forward to in the 2019 Callaway Drivers is of course the signature Jailbreak technology. In previous driver models, the Sub Zero was differentiated by a forwardly placed weight, but it’s not certain the new Epic Flash Sub Zero will offer the ability to swap forward and back weight.

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