Nick Foy’s 3 Great Putting Drills to Improve Your Skills

First of all, I love putting. This is the time you finally get to put the ball in the hole and lock in your score for that hole. As a result, I’m spending the majority of my practice time on the putting green working on different putting drills I’ve come up with that improve your putting skills the most effectively.

Today I bring you my 3 favorite putting drills that you can implement into your golf practices and hopefully see improvement in your putting as well. These putting drills are simple and can completed in 15-20 minutes or less once you get good at them!


Putting Drill #1 – Circle Drill from 5 feet

This is a great drill to test your putting under pressure because as you make more putts in a row you’ll feel natural pressure increase to not miss a putt and have to restart. Here’s how to do this drill:

Step 1: Using your putter, which is about 3ft in length, measure off 5 feet from the hole and place a tee in the ground there to mark the spot. Do this 4 more times around the hole so that you’ve formed a circle around the hole with a radius of 5 feet from each of the tees.

circle putting drill

Step 2: Place a golf ball at each tee and you can even put a second nearby each tee so that you can get more reps in less time and not have to stop the drill to collect all the balls and set them up at each tee.

Step 3: Putt the ball to the hole from the tee and if you make it move on to the next tee. If you miss then you have to restart.

Step 4: Try to make all 5 putts in a row from each of the 5 tees. If you can do that then you’ve passed level one and can keep going around trying to make as many in a row as possible.

My personal best is 47. See if you can beat it!

Resource: Try to beat these 10+ levels in our short game challenge

Putting Drill #2 – One handers from 3 feet

I really like stroking one handed putts from 3 feet. It gets my putting stroke under control as you have to focus on using just one hand to keep the stroke straight and face square. Once you can putt well with one hand for each hand then you should feel more control putting with two hands.

Step 1: Lay your putter down to measure out 3 feet from the hole and place a tee to mark the spot. Make sure it’s a flat putt as well.

Step 2: Start with your right hand and make one handed putts. Really focus on watching your putter face and keeping it square and not so much on if it goes in or not. If it’s square then your putts should be going in! Also make sure your putting stroke swing path is under control and not shaky since you only have one hand on the putter.

Step 3: Once you get comfortable making one handed putts with each hand try to make 25 in a row. This is a good warm-up drill when you get to the course.

My Personal Best: 109 one handed putts in a row from 3 ft.

I’ll admit once I finally reached the 100 in a row milestone I lost focus and eventually missed one at putt number 110.

Putting Drill #3 – Lag Putting Ladder

The lag putting ladder is a drill I made up but may have existed already – I don’t know for sure. This drill will help improve your lag putting from different distances and getting a feel for your putting stroke from different distances.

Step 1: Measure out 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft, 50 ft, and 60 ft from a hole on the practice green.

Step 2: Place a 6 ft diameter putting ring around the hole so that you have a 3ft radius around the hole. If you’ve never heard of this, (which I’m not sure many have) it’s a small circle wire that is thin enough the ball can go over it without acting as a speed bump and slowing the putt. You can also place a ring of tees around the hole or ring of ball markers and leave a large opening on the side of the hole you’ll be putting from so no tees interfere.

Step 3: Starting at 20 ft, putt two in a row from 20 ft and if you get those 2 inside 3 feet in a row then move back to 30 ft.

Step 4: Do this until you make 2 in a row at all 5 distances, resulting in 10 lag putts in a row inside 3 feet.

Step 5: Now go back to 50 feet from 60 feet, make 2 in a row, and move on to 40 feet until you’ve made it back to 20 feet.

In all, if you complete the drill you’ll have made 18 lag putts in a row inside 3 ft.

This putting drill gets you moving around to different distances while still putting pressure on you not to miss or else you have to start the whole drill over at 20 ft.

It’s a ladder you have to climb up and then back down without errors and if you can complete it then you lag putting is pretty solid.

I hope my 3 favorite putting drills helped and you see the benefits of them.

You’ll gain a more consistent putting stroke, improved putting from 3 feet, improved putting from 5 feet, handling pressure, lag putting, and more just by completing these 3 drills.

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