Nike Men’s Roshe G Golf Shoe Review

The Men’s Nike Roshe G golf shoe is extreme comfort in a sleek design. It features a pressure-mapped outsole which provides traction in key zones.

Over and above the obvious grip provided, this gives the shoe increased durability, making it a perfect tool for any golfer looking to get an edge on the course.

It is also built with an injected midsole which is soft, flexible, and cushions every step. Also, adding to its unmatched comfort is a sport-specific mesh upper.

Here Nike wrapped a synthetic overlay atop the already existing material, giving the wearer a highly sought after lock-down feel, including breathability and a contemporary look.

In general it is your all-round kind of shoe that can be worn on and off the golf course. Check them out on Amazon.


nike roche g golf shoe

Mesh Upper

Provides enhanced breathability and a modern look.

The flexible mesh upper is one of the main factors for the popularity of the Nike Roshe sneaker. This, in turn, allows for the same incredible comfort with a lightweight feel, as well as breathability and flexibility.

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Pressure-Mapped Outsole

For the ultimate balance between traction and off-course adaptability, the Nike Men’s Roshe G’s design has a 3D map of pressure points.

This was created from data based on a number of golfers’ swings and consequently applied to an outsole filled with traction nodules dispersed and concentrated accordingly with several undulations.

This further enhanced the shoe’s grip.

The end result is a beautifully balanced shoe, with top functionality on the golf course, and simultaneously offering the soft feel on hard surfaces in the same fashion as a regular sneaker.

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Injected Midsole

The pylon foam mid sole has been enhanced with injected lightweight foam cushioning to improve comfort levels.

Whether walking through 18 holes, or hitting 100 balls at the range, or simply running your errands day-to-day, your feet are sure to feel fresh and comfortable all day long.

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Cupsole-Like Design

This design offers flexible, low-profile support for a stable feel. The foot, especially the heel is seemingly held comfortably snug during wear.

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Elastic Tongue Gusset

The elastic tongue gusset is an integral part in the Nike shoe to help keep debris out of the shoes.

Pull Tabs

These are located on the heel and tongue of the shoe for easy on and off.

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