Indoor Golf Chipping Drills at Home

Every fall, the temperatures start dropping and the sun goes down much earlier at night, making it tough to spend time practicing your chipping at the golf course. But don’t worry because you can still practice your chipping at home and improve your short game skills.

Today I want to share a few indoor golf chipping drills I love to practice each night from the living room while watching TV. These are basic chipping drills that will help you build up strong fundamentals from the comfort of your home.

Chipping to a Towel Drill

The first golf drill to practice chipping at home is the towel drill. For this, you will need a small hand towel that you can fold up into a 1 foot by 1 foot square target.

Set your folded towel on the ground 5 to 10 feet in front of you and practice chipping golf balls at the towel with the goal being to land 4/5 on the towel.

It’s recommend you have a backstop of some sort to catch all the balls, for example, laying down a club several feet behind the towel to stop any rolling golf balls.

The goal for this indoor chipping drill is to accurately chip golf balls straight at the towel. You’ll get good feedback on if you’re pulling or pushing chip shots or keeping them straight online.

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Towel Ladder Chipping Drill

The next best golf chipping drill you can do from home is the ladder drill. It’s an extension of the first drill, but this time the goal is to master chipping distance control, once you’ve learned how to start chip shots on line from drill #1.

For this drill, you should set up multiple towels at different distances away from you: 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, and 20 feet

Chip a golf ball to the 5 foot towel and if you hit it, move on to the 10 foot towel. Try to successful hit all 4 chip shots onto each of the 4 towels.

You can also reverse the order or mix up the order to create different variations of this indoor chipping drill. Since you are chipping indoors, make sure to give yourself space in case you mishit chip shots and to give the balls room to roll after landing.

Chipping Set Up Practice

Another fundamental drill you can do from home is working on your grip and chip shot setup. You can get hundreds of attempts in each week until the setup and grip become natural feeling.

In our ultimate guide on chipping, we covered the 3 major chip shots you want to master; the chip and run, the normal shot, and the lob chip shot.

Practice the setup position for each of these shot types, adjusting your grip, your stance relative to the target, and your club face position.

Overall, give these 3 indoor golf chipping drills a try and see your accuracy and distance control improve with the wedge. Two of the drills above will help you work on keeping your chip shots online. Once you can master this, then you’ll only have to worry about focusing on distance control.

Indoor Golf Practice Plan

If you found the above indoor golf drills helpful, check out our 21 day golf practice plan full of practice routines that give you more putting and chipping drills you can easily do at home. We even added in golf fitness training as a bonus to this program, which is important to focus on in the winter months.

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