Proper Golf Stance – Simple Tutorial (step by step)

Stance is a golf term that refers to your feet position when setting up to hit a golf shot. And having a proper golf stance is very important if you want to make better golf swings. It’s one of the fundamentals of the golf swing.

Starting off with a proper golf stance lays the foundation for the rest of the golf swing that follows. You’ll have good balance to help make a stable, controlled swing. The proper golf stance can also help you generate power, hitting your golf clubs farther!

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3 Tips for a Proper Golf Stance

The golf stance position factors in a few things:

  • How wide should your feet be apart from each other?
  • Where should the ball position be relative to the width of the stance?
  • How should weight be distributed on each of your feet?

#1: Stance Width

Starting with stance width, a wider stance is ideal for longer golf clubs, such as your driver. Wider stances help the lower body feel more stable when you are swinging with great force. The driver is swung the fastest and with the most force out of all the clubs in the golf bag and needs a wider stance to help support such power.

For quarter, half, and three quarter swings with wedges, like during chip shots, the stance can be more narrow.

For most other shots with your typical irons, a shoulder width apart stance will work fine for your feet.

#2: Ball Position in your golf stance

The ball position should start in the center of your stance for wedges and gradually move forward in your stance as the golf club gets longer (shaft length). For example, the ball should be positioned forward more for the 6 iron than the 7 or 8 iron.


As the club shaft lengthens, its point that it bottoms out in the golf swing also changes.

Take a driver for example. We must move the ball position forward to the heel of the lead leg in our stance for driver swings to give the club clearance to bottom out and then start the ascent upwards into the back of the ball, sweeping it off the tee.

If we tried to hit a tee shot with our driver and the ball position in the middle or back of our stance, it wouldn’t work too well. The club would come down into the ground and chunk the golf shot. It also would hit much lower golf shots.

Moving the ball more forward helps get more height on the golf shots because it adds loft to the club face. Just as moving the ball back in your stance delofts the club face and helps you hit lower golf shots, like the punch shot out of the woods.

Overall, start with your common irons at center of stance or slightly forward of center and incrementally shift the ball position slightly more forward for your longer irons, fairway woods, and then farthest forward in line with your heel for your driver.

#3: Weight Distribution

For chip shots, weight distribution should be forward in the stance on the lead leg. This keeps the lower body still so you’re not swaying, which could lead to bad contact with the chip shot. Keeping the legs still by having weight shifted forward will create crisper contact on wedge shots.

With driver, however, weight should be distributed more to the back leg during set up. It helps you get behind the ball at address and as you start the downswing you’ll transfer your weight, shifting it forward to the lead leg through impact and into the follow through to deliver power to the golf ball.

With wedges, we don’t need much power so weight transfer isn’t necessary. But other clubs, weight transfer will help generate power so shifting weight back during the back swing is key and then moving it forward on the downswing is also important.

But be careful not to get to carried away with weight transfer where you start “swaying” as this can lead to poor ball striking. The less shifting of the weight, the better but shifting the necessary amount to get power is also key.

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