How to Sell Golf Clubs – Step by Step Guide

Golf is an awesome sport to play, but it is a very expensive sport too, especially if you play on a frequent basis. Purchasing new clubs, gear, accessories, etc., all of these takes a toll on your wallet.

One of the best ways to balance the cost and to keep upgrading your equipment is to sell the golf clubs that you would no longer be using.

One of the best things about modern day golf clubs is that they are almost indestructible. Although graphite shafts can break, but it does not usually happen. Iron and wood clubs are made of steel and titanium, both of which are very durable materials.

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Nature of the Business

Top brands are coming out with the newest and hottest equipment, and if you are not upgrading your gears on a regular basis then you are simply making the game harder for yourself then it already is.

The nature of golf equipment business is such that you need to buy the latest and best products, but within a very short span of time they become outdated. Something new will come along that would promise longer and straighter drives, precise iron play and better putts.

How to Get a Better Deal!

Taking proper care can lead to a set of clubs lasting for a long duration of time. This means that there is a market for used clubs too. But when it comes to supply and demand of golf clubs, chances are that there is a big supply but low demand for the club or clubs that you are trying to sell.

For selling your used clubs, the first and most essential thing is to understand the worth of your golf clubs. If you do not know the value of what you are trying to sell then you will most likely get conned or might not even be able to sell it.

One might wonder if old golf clubs are actually worth any money! If you are looking to get the best value for your used clubs, then you should follow some general guidelines.

Go for the Brand Name Clubs

You should begin with buying brand-name clubs. Clubs produced by well known companies such as Callaway, Cleveland, Titleist, or Ping would fetch you a higher price than clubs produced by some lesser-known entities, or clubs built from interchangeable components.

Condition of the Golf Clubs

You then need to evaluate the current condition of your clubs. Generally, people tend to set a misconstrued value for their clubs. They tend to remember the price that they bought it for, and forget to take into consideration that the clubs are now old and outdated.

Research Resale Values of Golf Clubs

You need to understand what a realistic value would be for the club that someone will actually pay for them. Clubs that have little to no scratch would fetch you a slightly higher value, and clubs with even the smallest bit of wear and tear will sell for a lot less.

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Understand your Platforms

Researching online on selling platforms and seeing what price range is being set for used club like the ones you are trying to sell. Normally clubs that are more than a couple of years do not fetch much as the market is overflowing with new equipment.

Online Selling Platforms

There might be an off chance where you might get a very good price for your product, but generally you would not get much. But still if you are looking to get a good bargain for your product then you should put up your products on well known sites such as Amazon, eBay or Craigslist. Simply take pictures of what you are trying to sell and list them on these sites.

The more pictures you have, and the more angles you can show, the better it is for the buyers. You should provide detailed and precise description, especially about the price. The better your description is the better will be your chance of selling them.

Trade-in Retailers

Trade-in retailers or certified pre-owned programs are other ways for you to sell your used clubs.

There are stores that buys used clubs and accepts trade-ins on new sets. And these days, social media can also play a great role in selling your old used golf clubs.

You can simply upload pictures of the stuff that you are looking to sell and get your friends and followers to share the story that you are selling golf clubs. If there are a great number of golfers among your friends and followers, it then makes it easier for you to sell.

Other Platforms

Other options for selling your used golf clubs are pawn shops, golf club broker, garage sales, flea markets, or even directly to your friends.

Keep your Clubs in the Best Condition

Another thing to keep in mind before selling your old clubs is that you should present them in the best possible condition. You should clean the clubs thoroughly.

If required get them regripped, make sure your clubs have original head covers. Your buyers will always prefer to have the complete, original package.

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