SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer Review

The main reason we are writing this review and sharing the SKLZ Grip Trainer with you today is because the golf grip is often the most overlooked aspect to the golf swing. Many beginners start off holding a golf club WRONG and this causes all kinds of problems down the line in their golf swing.

A proper golf grip influences the club face, helping you square it at impact to hit the ball straight on line off the tee. Having a proper golf grip also influences your club head speed which could be costing your lost distance and a slower golf swing if done improperly.

I’m sure you understand how important a proper golf grip is so we won’t talk on it much more.

To help you train your grip this SKLZ Grip Trainer comes with pre-molded guides for your hands to help you learn the proper placement of your thumbs, fingers, and palms on the golf grip.

Here’s a photo…

golf grip training aid

It’s a simple golf training aid. You just slide it onto the grip of your golf club. It has an arrow on it to help you directionally line up the training aid on the golf grip properly.

The SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer is designed to build muscle memory so you get used to the feeling of a proper grip and can replicate this hand position and grip feeling on your own when you aren’t using this training aid.

It fits on most clubs from driver through wedge. Another feature is its small, compact size makes it easy to carry in the pocket of your golf bag so you can pull it out on practice days.

We recommend keeping it at home next to your bed or couch in the living room. Why? Because you can practice gripping the club and building muscle memory from home while watching your TV shows.

During commercial breaks, practice gripping the club over and over again using the SKLZ Grip Trainer, letting go and regripping. You’ll be surprised how fast you ingrain the feeling of a proper golf grip.

As far as price, it’s super affordable running between $10-$20 but click the link below to learn more about pricing on Amazon.

Click here to learn about this Grip Trainer on Amazon

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