Snell MTB Black Golf Ball Review

The name Snell might not sound familiar, but for those who have been following the releases of the best golf balls in the market, you must agree that Dean Snell has contributed in making some of the best golf balls for beginners and amateur players. His MTB golf balls have proven this based on the positive responses it has received from its customers.

And because of its success, Snell saw the need of making incredible improvements and created the MTB Black golf ball which is also more or less similar to the original MTB and incorporates some features same as the MTB Red.

Both the MTB Black and the MTB Red are developed, keeping in mind the feedback from their customers. While both the new releases are incredible, this review is set to focus more on MTB Black.

Snell MTB Black comes with a premium feel thanks to its urethane cover. It comes with a 3-piece construction same as its predecessor, the original MTB. The urethane cover enables the ball to produce a short game control while also ensuring perfect durability.

The ball is slightly soft feel thanks to the soft mantle layer with a solid sound giving a “thud” sound. The core has a compression of 7% lower than its predecessor.

The ball comes with a 360 dimple pattern that gives it a low lift/drag for a controlled flight, lower spin rate and longer distance off the drive. It also comes with a mantle layer design for spin control for better performance.

If you’re going to play on a windy day, MTB Black comes with refined aerodynamics for low drag and low lift hence controlling the ball flight to reduce ‘ballooning’ for great performance even on windy conditions.

When it comes to the long game, the MTB Black looks like its counterpart the MTB Red. It’s in the same ballpark give or take; have quasi identical spin numbers as well as same ball speed. The two have a slight difference in approach shots.

The black produces a little bit more ball flight with higher spin, especially with short irons. According to the company, MTB Black is aimed at better players, so ensure you keep that in mind when you go shopping for your next balls.

We all know how hard it is to find a dozen urethane covered ball for 30 bucks, but MTB Black gives you this rear opportunity that you need to take advantage of before they decide to increase the price.

With the price tag, MTB Black is no doubt a choice for every regular golfer, and it will definitely offer an amazing value for your money.


If you want a premium golf ball with an incredible performance without straining your pockets too much, then MTB Black should be your ideal choice. MTB Black delivers top-notch quality at a very affordable price.

To ensure the best value and maximum performance, the 3 piece construction and a tour-proven urethane cover do great work. The soft feel, longer distance with premium short game spin and control is more than what every golf player should look for.

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