TaylorMade M5 & M6 Driver Release 2019

The specs and photos are out for the new 2019 TaylorMade M5 and M6 drivers as well as their new line of metal woods and hybrid clubs. TaylorMade is pushing the limits trying the get these drivers as close to illegal as possible without stepping over the boundary line.

The new M5 driver and M6 driver are conforming with USGA equipment rules but they tested the limits more than previously with other models of golf clubs.

So what’s new, what’s the same, and what’s notable about the new M5 and M6 drivers?


TaylorMade M5 & M6 Review

TaylorMade officials say that the new faces are as much as 20% thinner than past versions and that the sweet spot is 100% larger than the original M1 driver from 2015.

That larger area means mis-hits toward the heel and toe will now flex similarly to center hits. This is great for amateur golfers who tend to mis-hit more often on the heel and toe than the pro’s do.

The M5 and M6 drivers will once again feature the Twist Face technology that we saw in the M3 and M4 drivers.

With TwistFace, the face is curved slightly open on the high toe and slightly closed on the low heel to help correct those common mis-hits (and the face angles that typically accompany those mis-hits), curving them more closely back to the center line.

taylormade m5 driver face

There also is continued use of the carbon composite crown which came into existence back in the M1 driver in 2015. The carbon crown composite in the M5 and M6 drivers cover 10% more of the head.

We also will see an adjustable head again with the new TaylorMade M5 driver with 21,000 possible adjustable settings.

This is possible due to  a 12 way adjustable hosel that can change loft by plus or minus two degrees as well as a driver head that features a T-shaped track in the sole with the top of the T curving around the sole’s rear perimeter. Two 10-gram weights allow for independent weight placement.

The M6 driver will come with a D type option. It fights a slice golf swing by redistributing weight towards a more draw bias.

The topline also appears more open visually to help encourage golfers to bring the club face back square or slightly closed to further help promote a draw bias and fight the slice common to most amateur golfers.

The M6 driver will expand use of the carbon composite by using it in the sole with two large panels that flank the center weight structure. This allows 46 grams of weight to be redistributed lower and deeper to create a more forgiving club face on mishits and off center shots.

You’ll also enjoy the new sleeker, aerodynamic design of the M6 club face. Here is a photo of the prototype of the M6 driver when it launches in 2019.

m5 driver taylormade review

M5 and M6 Fairway Woods / Hybrids Review by TaylorMade

The fairway woods and hybrids will also feature the Twist face bulge and roll curvature that we’ve seen in the driver models. TaylorMade has tweaked the twist face technology to better match mis-hits golfers tend to have with woods and hybrid golf clubs, making the curves greater than you’ll find on the drivers.

tm m5 fairway wood (1)

The M5 and M6 woods and hybrids are called metal fairway woods and metal hybrids because they’ve switched to titanium to make them lighter to allow that weight to be redistributed to the adjustable weight in the sole.

The adjustable sole weight is a central steel weight that can be freely adjusted to a draw or fade bias. It sits low in the sole to lower the center of gravity which helps your golf shots launch higher with less spin to gain more distance and accuracy.

The clubs can be fitted by using the 12 way adjustable hosel to find the perfect setting for your swing style.

m6 fairway wood taylormade release

The M6 fairway woods and hybrids include a cut through slot for better face flexing and you’ll also notice these club heads are larger than previous models. The improved flexing ability will help you on mishit shots especially shots lower on the face.

The cut through slot on the M6 face is covered up with thermoplastic urethane strip that sits flush with the sole to improve turf interaction.

The M6 fairway woods also feature a carbon composite crown and also are available in a D Type option like the driver to flight a slice tendency.

Lastly, the hybrids and fairway woods both feature a C300 steel face insert that is high strength to help add ball speed for longer shots.

How Much Will the M5 & M6 Driver Cost?

  • The M5 and M5 Tour Drivers will retail for $550.
  • The M5 fairway wood will retail for $400.
  • The M6 Driver and D Type Driver will retail for $500 also just like the M5 driver.
  • The M6 woods will retail for $300 while the M6 hybrids will retail for $250.

What Loft Options for the M5 M6 Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids?

  • You can buy the M5 & M6 drivers in 9, 10.5, or 12 degree loft options.
  • The M5 & M6 fairway wood will be a 14 degree loft with 15 and 18 degree options.
  • The hybrids will have lofts of 21 and 24 degrees.

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