TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe

Milled wedges are popular in the golf technology world. TaylorMade has joined the line up of wedges to choose from by offering their Milled Grind Hi-Toe wedge.


  • New 4-way cambered sole features a more blunt leading edge with increased trailing edge and heel relief
  • ZTP-17 grooves feature steeper sidewalls
  • High-toe design expands the contact area
  • Full-face scoring lines deliver the spin you need from a larger impact area
  • Strategically-placed center of gravity offers greater feel and control at impact

Let’s first talk about the grooves on the Milled Grind Hi Toe wedge. TaylorMade created full face scoring lines which run across the entire face of the wedge. They also expanded the toe section on the wedge face to deliver better, high spin performance across the entire face.

Another important aspect of any golf wedge is the performance in different grasses and lies around the greens. Greenside performance was a key point TaylorMade worked on with the Milled Grind Hi Toe Wedge by introducing a high bounce leading edge to help golfers avoid digging and inconsistent contact with the ball and turf.

This makes the TaylorMade Milled High Toe Wedge very versatile to perform well on pitches, chips, sand bunkers, bump and runs, and mid to longer wedge shots inside 100 yards.

And what about the milled aspect, since the wedge does have the word Milled as part of its name?

According to TaylorMade, “HI-TOE wedges use advanced milling techniques to ensure precise sole geometry, a leading edges, and score lines.”

This essentially allows them to create a precisely crafted grind that helps the wedge be consistent in performance and with optimal turf interaction.

Another features to highlight on the Milled High Toe wedges is the Precision Weight Port (PWP). It’s the hosel and they’ve filled it with a soft red polymer which saves weight for TaylorMade to relocate to increase center of gravity.

This helps golfers feel a more solid club in hand with improved control around the greens.

The ZTP Groove technology creates sharper edge radii to enhance spin and control with the High Toe wedges.

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