Titleist Pro V1 vs Pro V1x Golf Ball Review

Trying to decide between two golf balls can be tough so today we decided to dive into the differences between the Titleist Pro V1 and Titleist Pro V1x.

If you simply want to know which of the two has more spin vs distance well settle that first before going more in depth. I personally love Titleist Pro V1’s and use them when I’m at the golf course completing practices from my 12 week improvement program as the spin works better for my type of chipping stroke. Results vary by person though.

Titleist Pro V1 is made to have more spin off the club face. What does more spin mean? It can mean more movement by the golf ball so if you’re someone who slices, fades, hooks, or draws the ball then you’ll see this shot type be exaggerated more using the Pro V1 golf ball than the Pro V1x.

titleist pro v1 golf ball box

Since the Titleist Pro V1x is made to have less spin than the Pro V1, then you can expect the V1x ball to move less in the air if you slice, hook, etc. It also should roll further as a result of having less spin.

Titleist Pro V1 Distance vs Feel

Depending on your golf tendencies you may want a golf ball that has more spin and control around the greens or you may want a golf ball that goes further off the tee but gives up spin and control around the greens.

For example, if you’re not very long off of the tee then using the Pro V1x may not be a bad option because you can potentially pick up more yards off the tee.

Hitting the ball further off the tee gives you less distance to the hole which allows you to hit a club that you can control better and attack the green with.

Golfers’ who are already long off the tee should consider the Pro V1 because that extra spin and control around the green can make a difference in your short game and ultimately your score.

Pick your poison based on your current situation. Do you want more distance off the tee or do you want more control around the green.

titleist pro v1x golf ball box

Titleist Pro V1 vs V1x Ball Flight

Ball flight is an important aspect of the golf game because it dictates how far your ball carries in the air and how far it rolls upon landing. You must consider ball flight off the tee, ball flight on approach shots to the green, and ball flight around the green for short game.

Maximizing Distance off the Tee

Finding the perfect trajectory that achieves max distance from the combination of carry and roll is tough to do.

It starts with the golf ball because each ball is made to spin differently off the club face.

Golf balls that have more spin off the club face, such as the Pro V1, tend to have higher launch angles as a result and push the ball higher into the air. This can be huge for someone who is lacking distance off the tee due to their flight trajectory being too low.

Simply hitting a higher trajectory shot can lengthen their drives even though it has more back spin because their carry distance may improve more than the roll their sacrificing from their old low spin low trajectory tee shot.

Golfers who are not maximizing their carry potential and are giving up distance as a result can see improvement from the Pro V1.

On the other hand, a golfer who has a high trajectory shot can be lacking distance if the trajectory is too high. For example, if you were to throw a football high into the air you probably wouldn’t expect it to go very far.

In this case, lowering the trajectory can improve the carry distance as well as the roll from reduced spin. If you suffer from hitting sky balls then the Pro V1x would be a better choice than the Pro V1 because it has less spin which will help keep the ball from flying higher into the sky and giving it more roll upon landing.

Approach Shot Ball Flight

When hitting approach shots you have to consider the effects of the Pro V1 vs the Pro V1x. If you’re playing fast greens that are tough to hold your ball on then you’ll want the Pro V1 which has more spin and can potentially heighten your shot trajectory as well to give it a softer landing.

Around the Green

Depending on your short game trajectory around the green you’ll want to decide if you need more or less spin and which you play better. Someone who likes to play soft shots that have high trajectory may look at the ball with more spin and the player who bumps and runs will want the ball with more roll.

Summed up:

  • High ball flights – more spin, less roll upon landing
  • Low ball flights – less spin, more roll upon landing
  • Carry Distance – affected by flight trajectory which can be altered using different spin rates and golf balls.
  • End Goal – Maximize carry & roll combination that achieves max distance off the tee with the driver.

If you’d like to see Titleist’s comparison of the two golf balls you can do so by clicking each of the links to learn more about each ball. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball and Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball

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