Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review

Imagine a golf ball that gives you fast ball speed off the club face, commanding distance, and excellent short game performance. Would you buy this golf ball? Of course!

That’s the vision Titleist had when they created the new Tour Soft Golf Ball.

And if you think this sounds like a brand new golf ball you’ve never heard Titleist make before it’s because it is!

The history behind the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball is basically they combined the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S golf balls into one and called it Tour Soft.

Titleist-Tour-Soft-box (1)

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The Specs & Tech Behind the Tour Soft Golf Ball

Largest Core Ever: Titleist has designed the new Tour Soft golf ball to have its largest core ever to generate more ball speed and making it much softer to give responsive feel in your golf shots.

New Cover Formulation: Titleist used a 4CE grafted cover made with propriety Titleist technology to create more short game control and feel.

Advanced Ball Flight: The new dimple pattern has a spherically-tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design to create consistent, penetrating ball flight.

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Our Review of the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball

Short Game Thoughts

golf ball true soft titleist

To understand the short game performance of a golf ball you must consider the design and specs of the ball and how they’ll react to your wedges.

For starters, the cover on the Titleist Tour Soft is made using a blend of four different materials. It’s a urethane cover which helps it produce a high rate of spin on wedge shots just like the Pro V1 golf balls.

You’ll definitely notice the control you have over the ball as a result of the spin it generates in your short game shots.

We tested it from 20 yards back to 100 yards and noticed straight ball flight that stayed on target, while also high back spin rates that helped it stop quickly on the greens upon landing.

For closer chip shots, it definitely produces that “bite” or “grippy-ness” you want a ball to have when hitting one hop and stop shots or flop shots that need to hit the breaks fast.

On putts, the ball felt softer coming off the face as compared to a Pro V1 and it did need hit with a little more force but you’ll get used to it quickly.

For lining up putts, I like how the Tour Soft logo is stamped on the side of the ball as an alignment tool with arrows on each side.

Overall, I can’t say I noticed much difference in short game performance when comparing it to the Pro V1 and Pro V1x options Titleist also has on the market.

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Long Game Thoughts

One of the things Titleist hypes up about the Tour Soft ball is it’s larger core so we put it to the test. After hitting countless shots on the TrackMan simulator, it’s apparent the new core does in fact produce higher ball speeds and longer distances as compared to the old NXT Tour golf balls.

Out on the golf course, we noticed lower spin but shots that still went high which produced longer distances. I also still felt control when shaping shots with both the driver and iron.

I enjoy the lower spin compared to the Pro V1 as I feel it’s easier to keep the ball straight and it does live up to the “piercing” ball flight Titleist hypes it up to produce.

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Pricing – How Much Does the Tour Soft Golf Ball Cost?

Believe it or not, the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball is much cheaper compared to the Pro V1 even though the performances were vary similar.

I think it’s a great alternative for golfers looking for a tour level golf ball that still remains affordable.

The ball is durable so you don’t have to worry about the cover breaking down quickly, unless you hit lots of cart paths and trees during your rounds! A dozen balls should hold up for awhile making them cost effective.

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