Titleist Vokey Wedges Review

Titleist golf wedges are some of the best in the sport of golf. Titleist wedges are called Titleist Vokey Wedges after the founder Bob Vokey. Bob was born in Canada in 1939 and moved to Carlsbad, California where he eventually opened up shop in the 1970’s and began master crafting golf wedges.

Below you’ll learn more about Vokey wedges but first let’s list some of our favorite and color options:

More Vokey Wedge Choices

One of the fascinating parts about Bob Vokey’s wedges is that  Vokey Design Spin Milled wedges are available with an unmatched number of choices for loft, bounce and sole grind.

They are also available in two different groove configurations to meet every shot requirement, swing-style, course condition and rules governing tournament play.

titleist vokey wedges

Tour Validated

Each design is based on Bob’s experience working with the best players in the world. Vokey Design wedges have been #1 on the PGA Tour since 2004. Many of the best players in the world will have multiple Titleist Vokey wedges in their golf bags.

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Tour Proven Soles

Each sole design has been “hand ground” by Bob based on his experience making wedges for the best players in the world. Learn more about the construction of a golf wedge and what the sole does for a golfer.

Precise Shapes

The profile for each wedge has been precisely created using CAD to perfectly blend the size, shape and offset from loft to loft.

Machined Grooves

A special circular saw style cutting tool is used to create precise, tighter tolerance grooves with maximum volume and minimum edge radii for cleaner ball-club contact and maximum spin performance.

Grooves on a wedge are super important to helping you develop feel and controlling the roll of your golf ball after it lands on the green.

Micro Edges

The CNC machined face creates micro edges for more texture which provides a rougher surface for better spin retention on partial shots.

Partial shots are some of the toughest in golf. We wrote a guide on how to control your wedges from 70 to 100 yards.

Shaft and Grip

Dynamic Gold Wedge shaft for superior weight feedback and soft feel. Titleist Tour Velvet grip provides soft feel with traction.

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