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Thanks for stopping by today and checking out my blog. It means a lot to me! How is your golf game going? How is life going? I hope all is well and you’re working hard on your education of the game of golf this winter while you’re stuck indoors!

I wanted to drop in today and let you know about a new way to learn the game of golf that I started using. The new method is sitting down by the fire place, hopping on your laptop, iPad, etc. and going to Udemy which is an online course platform full of educational content related to golf and other life skills.

Never heard of Udemy before? No worries, let me explain.

Udemy is a great platform where instructors from around the world come together with students from around the world and share their knowledge with the students in the form of video courses. Video is an easy, relaxing way to consume content and doesn’t involve reading pages and pages of confusing text trying to describe the game of golf.

I’ve been learning lots of different things on Udemy in addition to golf for the past year now — ranging from investing in real estate, to trading stocks, to sports, to lots of other random topics. I encourage you to join some courses! Most are free but there are also paid courses which usually are better quality and come with resources, worksheets, quizzes, etc.

Try out your first Udemy Video Course here

Every winter, I would get sidelined in golf due to snow. In fact we just had a big snowfall tonight so there won’t be any golf being played for a few months yet.

To pass the time, I spend a lot of nights reading articles on blogs and watching YouTube videos. You’re in luck because we have over 60+ articles on our blog you can zip through to pick up some important lessons and mental game tips to help your golf game.

In addition to the free content, you should consider investing a little bit of money into your education. As mentioned, you can surf Udemy and see what kind of premium golf lessons are on there to take that you won’t find for free on YouTube.

Along with golf video lessons, consider other important life topics you should educate on and develop better knowledge of during your down time this winter. It will help you become a better person overall and set yourself up for a successful future, which hopefully includes lots of golf!

Here is a list of topics you could learn on Udemy to improve yourself all around:

  • Personal Finance
  • Investing in Stocks
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Health & Fitness
  • Marriage
  • Paying off debt
  • Starting a business
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Coding & Websites
  • Flying airplanes or drones
  • Learning a new language

Head over to Udemy, who I’ve partnered with and try out some of their free and premium courses.

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