Under Armour Spieth 3 Golf Shoe Review

To date, the Under Armour Spieth 3 golf shoe remains in the lineup of golf footwear as the most tech-advanced shoe ever.

It earns its name from the three-time major champion’s winner and golf legend, Jordan Spieth.

Spieth works in collaboration with Under Armour to ensure golfers get the best shoes in the market.

Under Armour consulted with J.J.Rivet who is a leader in biomechanics and a top scientist at the European Tour Performance Institute.

The result of the consultation is seen in the final creation of Spieth 3, which has a highly advanced all-traction system for better performance.

The technology incorporated provides footwear that keeps your feet and the ground in close contact, thus maximizing traction.


Spieth 3 Shoe Appearance

spieth 3 golf shoe review

The Spieth 3 has a modern appearance that is distinctive to the earlier Spieth footwear. The upper parts come in different stitching and materials with a simple grey stripe.

The shoe also comes in black and with a very sharp look. The sole material is clear enough to provide you with a peek at the shoe construction.

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The Construction of Spieth 3 Golf Shoe

Spieth 3 golf shoe has a highly breathable microfiber upper.

It is made with Clarino and a lightweight waterproof membrane, ensuring your feet are dry and cool throughout the game. It has a waterproof warranty of 2 years, meaning you won’t have to worry about value for your money.

The shoe incorporates a footwear panel that is smartly woven.

The heel counter has been made in a way that it provides lightweight comfort and the right support for the foot. It offers vertical traction that is ultimate as a result of cushioning the insole, outsole, and midsole strategically.

The low-profile TPU outsole has been inserted with carbon fiber that offers you the necessary swing stability.

The lower profile UA Rotational Resistance (RST 2.0) & Softspike Silver Tornado spikes offer comfort all day long and horizontal traction.

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The Shoe Quality

Compared to its predecessors, Spieth 1 and 2, the Spieth 3 has an overall lower weight construction. It has woven jacquard which improves its breathability, making it all-weather waterproof footwear.

The Spieth 3 may be lightweight, but it has traction and comfort intact. In case you shift weight, which is a very common thing during the game, this shoe ensures you gain control of your body as you efficiently turn and get your balance over the bar.

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Word From Under Armour

According to Under Armour’s Mike Forsey, the Director of Global Golf Footwear, the traction that comes with golf shoes is what separates them from any other street footwear.

He adds that the company has always done what it takes to ensure their golf shoes come with traction that supports golf swing.

He finishes that Spieth 3, which is their latest collection, comes with an added vertical elements allowing players to harness the natural force that enables them to bring more power to the ball at impact.

Jordan Spieth himself gives this shoe thumbs up as being the best release so far. He acknowledges there is a distinctive difference on the Spieth 3.

The Price

At a price of $200.00 Spieth 3 offers value for your money and is definitely ultimate footwear for your next golf game. Being the only footwear that has traction to provide support for the golf swing, it is worth the stretch on your wallet.

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