Walking vs Riding on the Golf Course?

The game of golf has been around for centuries now. It began way back in the 15th century in Scotland and the rules of golfs were established in the 18th century. Back then, walking the course was the only option.

Even though the first golf cart was introduced in the 1930s, it became popular from the 1960s onward. And ever since, there has been an ongoing debate about which is better- walking or riding on the golf course?

The Advantage of Walking the Golf Course

The obvious advantage of walking is the health benefits. But it also helps you focus more on your game and has a fair share of social advantages too.

The modern day golf courses are longer and more challenging than they used to be in the initial days. To cover the 18 holes during a round of golf, you would need to walk about 3-6 miles, and about ten thousand steps.

You would usually burn twice as much calories in comparison to riding. This will help you maintain a healthy weight, improve your balance and coordination, and will also improve your overall mood.

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Is Riding the Wrong Choice?

Golf, anyways, is a physically challenging sport. The golf swing is physically arduous, and then to carry your bag through the woods, up and down the slopes makes for a good workout.

This is lost when you go around a course riding in carts. Riding a cart takes out all the laborious activities, but that doesn’t mean that the saved energy can help you get a better score at the end of the day.

In fact, many people believe that riding a cart can end up hurting your game.

Walking allows you to set your own pace and gives you more time to think about your game and focus on the next stroke. Walking gives you a better feel and helps you to get into a better rhythm during the round.

Sitting in a golf cart can lead to muscles tightening up in between shots rather than staying loose from walking. But walking can also tire you out if you’re playing hilly courses with lots of slope, while carrying a heavy golf bag.

So it’s not really a right or wrong answer. You can find success golfing as both a rider and a walker.

The Disadvantages of Riding!

One disadvantage to riding a golf cart is that it can get you to the ball too quickly. This can benefit you if you are playing well, but it can also end up hurting your game if you’re not playing well.

When going from shot to shot too quickly, the last shot will still be in your mind, and can lead to further ongoing problems if you don’t have a chance to reset and get mentally focused again.

Hitting an angry golf shot is never going to end up well. One bad shot often leads to another.

This happens especially because of the mindset, and this intensifies while riding in a cart.

While walking, you normally have the time to analyze your last shot and ultimately put it behind you, but when you ride a cart you will get to your next shot in no time and this can influence your mindset onto the next shot.

Riding can be beneficial for people who might have physical limitations for walking.

Walking vs Riding

Walking has other benefits too. Walking allows you to get a better feel and get into a better rhythm during golf rounds. It helps you create more consistency in your pre-shot routine, and you also do not feel the need to rush to your cart where a fellow golfer may be waiting.

Riding a cart can sometimes make you wait as well.

If you are riding a cart all the time then you will move faster than the rest of the group, and you will need to wait a lot between shots. Your back might tighten up while riding in the cart and make it tough to get your full shoulder to turn later in the round.

It is also not easy to stay loose if you have to wait before each shot. Walking will help you stay loose and free your body before shots. Not taking a cart can also be helpful to improve the social aspect of the game.

When riding in a cart, you are only talking to the one person that is riding along with you for all the 18 holes or in some cases not at all if you have separate carts.

But when you are walking, you have the chance to have conversations with the other golfers of the group throughout the round on a regular basis.

Another good reason why walking is better than riding is that walking is cheaper than riding. Carts are not at all cheap. Clubs charge around $15 – $30 for the entire round just for the cart itself.

Golf is already an expensive sport, and riding carts regularly will only add to the expense. You could save $15 to $30 per golf round by walking instead.

Choosing to walk instead of riding can then help you purchase other golf gear with that saved money. You can always choose to walk nine holes and use a cart for the back nine (and vice versa). This will help you exercise and will also save you some money.

When golf was first introduced, there was no concept of a cart. There is no doubt that there are some benefits of riding the cart, but you will not be able to enjoy the full experience of golfing when riding.

Walking your next round can keep your mind refreshed while you enjoy the views and soak in the full experience.

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