What is a Scratch Golfer

The short answer to your question “what is a scratch golfer” is that a scratch golfer is someone who can shoot the course rating at any golf course they go play.

Course rating? What’s that?

Take a look at a scorecard sometime and you’ll see a course rating somewhere between 70-73 which indicates the score that the golf course would expect a scratch golfer to shoot for 18 holes.

As a newbie to the game of golf you’re going to hear several different scoring terms such as bogey golf, par golf, scratch golf, and others that will seem confusing until you get in tune with the golf lingo. Scratch golf is definitely a term to become obsessed with!

Today’s short article will be covering the following:

  • What does the term scratch golfer mean
  • How many players ever become a scratch golfer
  • How to establish your handicap if you don’t have one yet
  • How to enter my scratch golf challenge

What does scratch golf mean?

In simple terms scratch golf means you break even and score par for your round of golf. If you are a scratch golfer your handicap will be 0 or even negative.

The golfers who don’t score par or better consistently will see their handicaps be a positive number of some sort indicating how many strokes above par they score on average.

How Many Golfers Become a Scratch Golfer?

Being a scratch golfer is one of the biggest accomplishments in golf but also one of the toughest milestones to achieve. Once you achieve scratch golf, you join an elite club of golfers because only about 0.70% of golfers ever achieve a 0 handicap or better. Take a look at this handicap chart:

what is a scratch golfer handicap chart

Where do you fall currently on this chart? Comment below in the comment section!

Or maybe you’re looking at this chart right now thinking “I don’t have a golf handicap” so let’s jump into the next topic.

How to establish your golf handicap?

To become an official scratch golfer, you need an official handicap with the USGA. Check out this article I wrote in my new Scratch Golf Blog Series on how to establish your official golf handicap.

You’ll need roughly 20 rounds of golf that get turned into the golf course club house that tracks your handicap.

If you’re not a member of a golf course then enter your scores manually online at the USGA website.

Once you’ve got a significant amount of rounds in the system, it can calculate your handicap and tell you how close you are to becoming a scratch golfer.

Remember, to be a scratch golfer you need a handicap score of 0 or less (negative).

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How to Join My Scratch Golf Challenge?

To conclude today’s article on what is a scratch golfer, I want to share with you about my scratch golf challenge I created this season.

I’m challenging myself to become a scratch golfer again after letting my skills worsen these past few years so that I could intentionally go back through the grind and share the journey with everyone on the blog.

You can catch up on the Scratch Golf Blog Series I’ve been writing weekly episodes for and see what it takes to become a scratch golfer.

If you want to join the Scratch Golf Challenge, click this link and it will take you to my Breaking 70 Golf Practice Plan membership, where you’ll get login access to a dashboard that contains a 12 week step by step practice plan, plus printable worksheets that go with the practice plan.

There will also be skill assessment worksheets and a custom scorecard that is specific to the program, helping you track your fairways in regulation, greens in regulation, scrambling, birdies, pars, and other key statistics a scratch golfer needs to monitor. Learn more about the scratch golf challenge here.

Work hard and I wish you best of luck on your journey to become a scratch golfer!

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