What to Look for Buying a Golf Rangefinder

In this guide we are going to help you learn what to think about when purchasing a golf rangefinder. There are many different golf rangefinders on the market and many fall under the same brands, who create multiple models that offer different features.

It can be confusing and intimidating if you’re new to using a rangefinder. But below you’re going to learn the following:

  • How to Use a Rangefinder
  • Common Features You’ll Find on a Rangefinder
  • Popular Brands that Make Golf Rangefinders
  • What to Budget for a Golf Rangefinder

How To Use A Range Finder

Using a rangefinder may seem complicated, but this is one piece of technology that is quite simple. Unlike a phone, which has many features and apps that can be confusing to use, a golf rangefinder has one job; shoot at target and display the distance to you on the screen.

But in order to ensure you get an accurate distance reading you should practice with the rangefinder first shooting the laser at distance targets on the driving range that you know the approximate yardage of already.

This will give you a reference yardage (driving range distance marker) to check against when the rangefinder displays it’s yardage.

Here is a 6 step process to working a newly bought golf rangefinder device.

Now let’s dive into the simple steps for using a rangefinder:

  1. Find the button on the rangefinder that turns on the laser
  2. Look through the lens on the rangefinder and it will magnify things from far away to appear close
  3. Find a target to shoot the laser at, such as the flag stick on the green
  4. Hold the button down to fire the laser and lock onto the target by steadying the rangefinder
  5. Once the rangefinder beeps or begins displaying a yardage distance, you can release the button
  6. Analyze the yardage displayed and determine if it seems accurate, then make appropriate shot selection

Boom! There ya have it. In addition to basic distance data, rangefinders can contain many other features as well to consider. Below we will highlight each feature to look for when buying a golf range finder.

Which Features Should You Look For in a Rangefinder?


This feature doesn’t need explained but when buying a golf rangefinder it should of course function properly and accurately giving you distances you can rely on to hit golf shots. Almost all rangefinders offer rangefinders to within +/- 1 yard but some may not so be aware.

Distance judgement is an area golfers lose 2 strokes per round. With accurate yardage information on hand, you’ll be hitting better golf shots, more greens, and less bad scores.


When looking through the lens of a rangefinder, you want a high magnification. Most come with 6x magnification to help you zoom in close on the target from a few hundred yards away.

Clear Display Screen

In addition to looking through the lens at your target, you’ll also be looking into the display screen. This should be crystal clear graphics (blurry sucks) and these graphics should include things like distance numbers, battery percentage, and perhaps cross hairs that help you lock onto the target visually.

Stabilization / Continuous Scan

When pointing a rangefinder at a target far away from us, it can be difficult for the laser to hit the target. Especially if you have shaky hands moving the laser around, unable to keep it stead.

Luckily, some golf rangefinders have stabilization technology to help the laser connect with the target. Other rangefinders have continuous scan mode to keep firing at the target until you hit it to help with shakiness.

Long Battery Life

A major plus when buying a rangefinder is picking one that has long battery life. This can help you get use out of it for many rounds without having to worry about charging it or switching out the batteries.

Most rangefinders will say they have at least 8-10 hours of battery life, but if you find one that says less then this could be an issue to be aware of.

Slope Reading

Not every rangefinder has slope reading nor does it need to, but this could be a feature you may desire to have. If so, make sure you buy the model that has slope reading. Some brands create multiple rangefinders and one model may have it while the other model is without slope reading.

Most Popular Brands that Make Golf Rangefinders

Bushnell – Bushnell Golf is the industry leader in high-performance golf GPS & laser rangefinders. They claim to build the most technologically advanced rangefinders in golf. You’ll see several different models at several prices ranges when you shop Bushnell Golf Rangefinders on Amazon.

Callaway – Callaway Golf is a leader in the club manufacturing space with popular golf drivers used by the best players on the PGA Tour. They also manufacture some of the best golf range finders. You can learn more about the different models of rangefinders they offer on Amazon here.

Precision Pro – this is another popular, quality brand in the golf rangefinder market. They offer some lower level models that contain great features but are without slope reading to keep the cost more affordable. If you need slope reading, upgrade to the Pro model. Here is the list of rangefinders they offer.c

What to Budget for Buying a Golf Rangefinder

There is a wide pricing spread when it comes to buying a golf rangefinder. You can find options under $100 but they are very limited. Most golfers will opt for a basic rangefinder which falls in the $100 to $150 range. As you get above $200, more advanced features are offered like slope reading and alert / multiple distance technologies.

Here is are some recommend rangefinders by price range…

Rangefinders Priced Between $100 to $200

Rangefinders Priced Above $200

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